All-in-one audiometry & lead generation system

An innovative automatic audiometry test and lead generation solution, designed to improve the daily workflow of audiologists and hearing professionals working in a healthcare setting through fast and accurate testing and results management.

AmplivoxBEEP includes state-of-the-art diagnostic audiometry technology with the ModelONE audiometer, featuring noise-reducing headphones and a background room monitor for accurate patient testing. 

Designed to be used attended or unattended, this screening audiometer can be located within local pharmacies, physician offices, dispenser stores, care homes, schools and other community venues for complete convenience and flexibility. Suitable for an extensive array of hearing test requirements, AmplivoxBEEP is a highly effective all-in-one audiometry and lead generation system.

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The first step in lead generation

AmplivoxBEEP facilitates the first step in lead generation by developing patient relationships. Allowing complete configuration, all settings and qualification criteria can be adjusted to suit specific markets, making it as targeted as possible.  

Those who use the system, such as healthcare retailers, hearing aid dispensers, and other healthcare professionals can schedule additional tests and gather information about potential hearing aid recommendations, making this the perfect tool for customer acquisition.


Key features

  • A stand-alone patient-directed evaluation tool
  • Full audiometry and results processing solution
  • Automatic workflows for guided and self-testing
  • Fully customisable workflow test settings
  • Suitable for screening and threshold audiometry
  • Ambient noise monitoring for accurate testing
  • Secure results management
  • No annual subscription fees

Testing features

Designed to be used guided or unattended, patients are navigated through an automated test process via intuitive and user-friendly on-screen instructions. The entire process takes less than 3 minutes and provides immediate customer hearing loss feedback regarding any hearing loss issue.

With a built-in microphone within the ModelONE audiometer, real-time ambient noise levels are monitored to ensure accurate testing. Automatic test settings can be fully customised including tested ear, used frequencies, starting level, level step, acceptable noise level and pass/refer criteria.

With accurate testing and secure results processing, hearing care providers can start building trusting relationships quickly and effectively with their patients.

  • Reporting

    Once hearing tests are completed, reports can be sent via secure email or uploaded directly to the providers’ medical record system without the need for a separate database (or associated subscription fees). There is also the option for an additional customisable report to be sent to the patient.

    The secure report provides clear and concise information on the full audiometry test results, average background noise levels, as well as patient information.

  • Full UI customisation

    With the added benefit of a design editor feature, hearing care professionals have complete control over workflows, test settings and branding.

    • Customisable workflows
    • Complete test setting configurations
    • Patient messaging
    • Branding
    • Results processing

Configuration options

There are three configuration options available which are shown below:


  Standard Go Advanced
modelONE screening audiometer  
ampliSuite BEEP software    
ampliSuite Editor software
Patient response switch  
USB A & USB C connectors
Logitech Bluetooth keyboard    
Microsoft Surface Pro tablet  
Kiosk stand    


Thanks to its compact size, this portable audiometry solution can be comfortably used by patients during testing or locked securely into a kiosk for self-service use in high-traffic areas such as local pharmacies, physician offices, care homes, assisted living facilities, schools and other community venues.