Amplivox BEEP

Lead generation & screening audiometry solution

Amplivox BEEP is an innovative lead generation and screening audiometry solution, designed to enable providers to grow their business. 

This automated solution provides efficient front of house and community location screening, enabling audiologists, hearing aid retailers and other healthcare service providers to identify and prioritise potential clients.


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The first step in lead generation

Designed to be used guided or unattended for front of house and community locations, Amplivox BEEP is the perfect tool for automated client acquisition, outreach, and next-step rehabilitation. With a complete and flexible configuration, all settings and qualification criteria can be adjusted for market specific targeting.  


  • Grow your business

    Amplivox BEEP enables hearing and other healthcare service providers to grow their business by identifying potential clients from additional locations into their service.

    Hearing aid retailers, GP surgeries, healthcare centres and pharmacies offer the ideal location for the solution.

  • Diversify your business

    Diversifying into new markets is the perfect way to generate new sources of revenue. Amplivox BEEP enable's businesses to add a further service through hearing screening.

    Providing quick and easy hearing screening within a typical pre-appointment waiting time, it is ideal for optical and pharmaceutical healthcare providers.

  • Differentiate your business

    Hearing care is very competitive, whether it be offered via ‘big-box’ suppliers who offer a vast range of additional services or other independent hearing care businesses.

    Gain the advantage through the use of Amplivox BEEP and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Supporting local community

By partnering with local businesses, leading Hearing Care providers (HCPs) can improve access and awareness of hearing healthcare in their local community. A focus on hearing health has shown to have a positive impact on many associated health issues, such as reducing the risk of dementia, balance issues and human relationships / connections. Expanding the availability of screening will not only raise awareness of the benefits of good hearing health but foster a better quality of life for your local community.


A tailored user experience

Full UI customisation

A simple, tablet-based hearing test easily tailored to create the user experience, workflow and test settings that fits your business requirements.

  • Customisable workflows
  • Complete test setting configurations
  • Acceptable noise level and pass/refer criteria
  • Patient messaging
  • Results processing
  • Once a hearing check has been completed, the results are displayed on-screen. In addition to this the provider receives an email notification of the potential lead, allowing for immediate follow-up. Fully compliant with GDPR and other data security requirements.

    Reporting is fully customisable, allowing the provider to define the notification message received and returned to the client. The report provides clear and concise information on the audiometry test results, average background noise levels, as well as patient information.

  • With intuitive and user-friendly on-screen instructions, tests can be completed unattended in under 4 minutes. On completion of the test, the system will provide immediate feedback for any hearing loss issue and highlight further action required. 

    Providers can be confident of genuine referrals with no false information provided through high sensitivity and specificity test results based on their configuration. Real-time ambient noise levels are also monitored to ensure accurate testing via a built-in microphone in high-traffic areas.


A fully branded screening solution 

Brand identity is more than a name or a logo. It is a promise of excellence to customers that distinguishes itself from the competition, builds trust and is completely unique. Customise the user interface to create a professional, trustworthy, and bespoke brand experience. Providers can add:

  • Custom call-to-action messages
  • Brand colours
  • Company logo
  • Customisable buttons and backgrounds
  • Email templates
  • Images

Including state-of-the-art diagnostic audiometry technology with the modelONE audiometer (Type-4), featuring noise-reducing headphones and a background room monitor, Amplivox BEEP will deliver results you can trust.



A guide to successful lead generation

Our guide outlines where to use the Amplivox BEEP system, and how to make the most of the audiometry screening solution to gain and pre-qualify clients and expand your outreach.

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