Electro-acoustic ear simulator

The ER-75 electro-acoustic ear simulator is the perfect solution for performing objective validation of audiometers and audiometric equipment, ensuring optimum performance when testing for hearing loss.

Validation includes audiology booths and interconnecting booth cables to provide optimum performance when conducting screening audiometry tests for hearing loss.

Tests provide repeatable thresholds over the frequency range of 0.25k to 8kHz, thereby simulating the patient response for a normal hearing loss. The ER-75 is ideal for use within an occupational health accreditation scheme.

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Accurate and reliable

The ER-75 is battery powered, lightweight, compact and weighs only 500g, making it suitable for both desktop and mobile. Completely automatic, ER-75 validations are carried out using audiometric noise-enclosure headphones (connected to your audiometer), which are placed over the ER-75’s built-in microphones.


Key features

•   Automatic audiometer validation in under five minutes
•   Repeatable thresholds over 0.25-8kHz 
•   Lightweight and compact design
•   Battery powered for mobile use.


•   Instrument connection lead
•   AA batteries (2).

Fast and efficient validation

Instrument validation can be completed in under five minutes, allowing you to identify if your audiometer calibration values are correct or off-set on a daily basis. For screening and hearing conservation programmes, it is essential to achieve accurate and repeatable hearing tests. If the ER-75 results indicate a variation, audiometer repair and or calibration can be organised in a timely manner ensuring any potential test errors are minimised.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is an electro-acoustic ear simulator?

    As its name already suggests, this device uses electrical inputs to simulate an acoustic environment. In this case it is simulating an ear, to perform hearing tests on.

    What is the recommended usage of an ear simulator?

    At Amplivox we recommend performing an audiometer calibration validation every morning before starting into your daily routine. 

  • What is the benefit of using an electro-acoustic ear simulator?

    The device is simulating a normal air conduction hearing threshold in dBHL. When connected to your audiometer, an automated test can be conducted, testing this stimulated normal hearing threshold.

    If your audiometer succeeds identifying the normal hearing simulation, you audiometer calibration is validated as correctly. If the measured hearing test is off and not according to a normal pure-tone audiogram, you are advised to check your audiometers calibration.