Developing clinical skills & knowledge

Professional training in diagnostic and screening equipment for audiologists, ENT, hearing care and occupational health professionals.

Accredited Occupational Health

Training courses

  • A two-day competency and one-day refresher audiometry course 

    Providing guidance and training in all factors relating to a successful hearing conservation programme. Ideal for hearing professionals performing screening audiometry.

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  • A one and a half day competency and a one-day refresher spirometry course

    Designed to develop theoretical, practical and interpretational skills in order to conduct respiratory testing within an occupational health environment.

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  • A comprehensive one-day vision screening training course

    Designed to offer education and training for occupational healthcare professionals who are conducting or intending to conduct vision screening in the workplace.

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Discover our upcoming workshops, webinars and online events. These events are open to anyone who wishes to attend and are free to access.

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Knowledge hub

Discover our wealth of online content tailored to provide insightful guidance and information for the world of audiology, ENT, hearing care and occupational health professionals.

  • how-can-hearing-loss-be-treated

    How can hearing loss be treated?

    Treatment options for conductive, mixed, and sensorineural hearing loss

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  • issues-that-audiologists-face-in-extreme-environments-resized

    Issues that audiologists face in extreme environments

    Providing hearing health care in developing countries

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  • noise-induced-hearing-loss

    Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL)

    The risks of exposure to harmful sounds

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