Welcome to the support page for the Amplivox BEEP.
On this page you will find an overview of the available resources and support materials.


Amplivox BEEP works will all standard and professional Windows 10 and 11 operating systems. To connect the audiometer, a USB-A or USB-C socket will be required. All product configurations include both connections. Windows 10S: Windows 10S only allows for software downloaded from the Microsoft Play store and therefore will not facilitate the download of Amplivox BEEP. To use Amplivox BEEP with Windows 10S, you can convert to a full version of Windows 10S. For further information, please see here Switching out of S mode in Windows (

At the end of a hearing test, results are sent out via email to the system provider and test subject. Test results sent to the system provider are secured via a pin which can be configured in the system itself. Amplivox provide the option to send results directly to test subjects and provider without the need to configure email accounts.. In this instance, only the providers email details need to be entered.

Amplivox BEEP allows for full email integration which includes automatic account verification for Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and AOL. Please note that some of these accounts require dedicated passwords which can be obtained from the providers account settings.

For further information, please see chapter 4.5 and Appendix A in the manual. Advanced email integration options including access to SMTP servers are available and can be configured directly in the setup screen.

What is a KAD file?

A Kiosk Application Definition (.KAD) file is a specific file which contains the test configuration and design details for your Amplivox BEEP tablet. This file is an output from the BEEP Editor software and can be transferred and imported into your Amplivox BEEP software to allow standardisation of performance and settings.

Why send data via email?

Email is the fastest and most generic method of sending results files/data. This ensures timely reporting and removes the need for additional software and programs to receive the results/referrals from your Amplivox BEEP. It is a benefit to you that Email is used as it also removes any additional cost or support needs for additional services.