About us

Amplivox creates a brighter future for all by providing accessible and accurate hearing test solutions for everyone. As an accredited supplier with more than 85 years of experience, you can depend on us to provide reliable equipment to suit your needs, while delivering exceptional levels of support.


Our mission

Our mission is to be the most trusted ‘go-to’ partner in providing class-leading delivery of occupational health solutions.

We do this by supplying hearing healthcare professionals with the most effective and accessible solutions to enhance their capabilities, providing best-in-class training and support along the way.

Our history

Since 1935 we have worked closely with healthcare professionals to design, manufacture and develop reliable screening and diagnostic instruments. By putting the needs our our professionals first, we have led the way in the development of industry-leading products the combine innovation, accuracy and reliability.

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Our values

Our values are integral to our approach and the way we work.

  • we-create-trust

    We create trust

    We work closely with our customers, partners and colleagues in all that we do, always being transparent and keeping our promises.

  • we-are-team-players

    We are team players

    We listen, learn, and openly share our knowledge and insights, ensuring that by working together, we can all be the best that we can be.

  • we-create-innovative-solutions

    We create innovative solutions

    We constantly challenge ourselves to improve, looking for ways to innovate within our industry, and give you the best possible products.

  • we-apply-a-can-do-attitude

    We apply a can-do attitude

    Your needs are our priority. We work with you to find the most effective solutions to help you enhance your capabilities.

  • Our charity work

    We are dedicated to making sure that people across the world receive the best opportunities when it comes to hearing health. People looking after people is the ethos that runs through the heart of our organisation. 

    We work hard to make our products accessible to all and we regularly work with charities, donating our instruments and time to ensure those without access to efficient healthcare services have an equal opportunity to take care of their hearing health. If there is a cause you feel we could support, please get in touch. Contact charities for approval.

  • Our International network

    Amplivox operates in 6 continents through a carefully selected network of distributors and service centres. We collaborate with our strategic partners to provide our customers with the best products, support, and aftercare to ensure we meet their needs.

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Who we support

We support a wide range of sectors including, police forces, private hospitals and the UK's NHS, as well as world renowned carriers in aviation and manufacturing. Our solution-focused approach, combined with our extensive training and support, ensures we are trusted to deliver by health care professionals all over the world.