Data management for seamless patient handling

OtoAccess® is a patient data management system which enables easy and secure patient data handling - all in one system. 

Together with our Amplisuite audiometry and tympanometry modules, OtoAccess® covers all integration needs by seamlessly integrating with software suites as well as electronic health record (EHR) systems to allow for the transfer of patient data between major healthcare facilities.

Combining advanced functionality with a simple user experience, the tool is an ideal solution for any healthcare professional. OtoAccess® consists of three integration solutions: OtoAccess® Database, OtoAccess® Worklist HL7 and OtoAccess® API. 



Integration solutions

  • otoaccess-database-logo

    OtoAccess® Database is a software solution which provides data management used for efficient patient handling by audiologists and healthcare professionals.

    OtoAccess® Database integrates your entire workflow in a single patient program, allowing you to create new patient records, review demographics, perform clinical tests and access all your patient data.

  • otoaccess-worklist-hl7-logo

    OtoAccess® Worklist HL7 builds upon OtoAccess® Database, using HL7 messages to automate the messaging between your EHR system and OtoAccess® Database.

    EHR integration with OtoAccess® Worklist HL7 ensures efficiency and interoperability, and it improves the robustness of your data handling whilst significantly reducing administrative tasks.

  • otoaccess-api-logo

    If you operate Amplivox equipment while using a different database than OtoAccess® Database, OtoAccess® API is ideal for you and your database supplier.

    OtoAccess® API is a programming interface (API) that allows electronic medical record (EMR) system suppliers, or electronic health record (EHR) system suppliers to interact with additional software.



OtoAccess® supports the full line of Amplivox audiology products, allowing you to access all patient data in one common interface.

This makes it easier and faster for you to gather a holistic overview of your patient without having to switch between different modules.


Covering all your patient data needs

With quick session previews and one-click access to reports, you can easily access information about each individual patient all in one interface, freeing up time for what actually matters: your patients. 

No PDF exports. No uploads. No printouts. No scanning. Optimised workflows and robust data handling can also be achieved with OtoAccess® Worklist HL7 and if you use another database, OtoAccess® API can integrate your solutions with third-party databases.


Frequently asked questions

  • How many patients can I store?

    The storage of patient information and test results in OtoAccess® is unlimited and only restricted by the memory of the PC of your choice.

    What audiology modules can be used with OtoAccess®?

    The modules integrated by Amplivox into OtoAccess® are the Amplisuite audiometry and Amplisuite tympanometry module.

    Can I preview test sessions directly in OtoAccess®?

    All test data stored with a clients’ session can be previewed in OtoAccess®, so it is not necessary to open the module.

  • What patient data can I enter?

    The demographic fields available reach from patient name, address, insurance information and occupation. In addition, user specific fields can be created to meet a clinicians' exact need. Which fields to enter can also be managed individually.

    What products can I use with OtoAccess®?

    All Amplivox audiometers and tympanometers can be integrated into OtoAccess® using the Amplisuite modules provided with each product. In addition, OtoAccess® is also compatible with the following companies: MAICO Diagnostics GmbH, Interacousitcs A/S, Grason Stadler and MedRx Inc.