Boothless military screening audiometer

The definitive military screening audiometer designed to meet all current and future audiometric screening requirements. Equipped with automated processes and in-built capacity to meet additional testing needs, the CA850/4A supports screening programmes in the most effective manner.


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Comprehensive testing

This automatic screening audiometer is a reliable choice for medical professionals who require a vast range of screening modes. It includes automatic (computer / Békésy) and manual operation options to measure and assess hearing thresholds in accordance with safety critical hearing standards.

With configurable options the test can be customised to the users’ specific requirements, ensuring accurate and efficient testing. Designed to connect directly to a PC (automatic testing) or as a stand-alone manual audiometer (manual mode).



  • Configuration options available based on requirements
  • Automatic and manual test modes (inc. Békésy test)
  • PULHHEEMS and HSE categorisation
  • Unique educational and assessment tools
  • Extensive data analysis and trending
  • Third-party EMR connectivity
  • Communication channe
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Speech-in-Noise (SiN) ready
  • The CA850/4A works with all Windows compatible computer / tablet systems. Supplied without or without a dedicated computer, the CA850/4A can integrate with required IT configurations.

    Alternatively, the CA850/4A can be supplied with a laptop allowing for complete mobile testing with features that can be restricted according to user requirements.

    The CA850/4A also has built in configuration to be upgraded to a Functional Hearing Assessment System (FHAS) with Speech-in-Noise (SiN) testing. 

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  • The CA850/4A reduces the need for additional hardware requirements such as printers, toners / ink cartridges and dedicated paper, making for a paperless audiometry workflow.


Results processing

The CA850/4A offers automated workflow management from patient information, testing and results calculations along with referral guidance. Test results are categorised according to PULHHEEMS and HSE standards. 

To support different requirements, the CA850/4A offers additional results management options to optimise the user’s requirements. Users are also able to select between different options at a later date if desired.

  • software-01

    Standalone / No database

    For users who do not wish to maintain two databases or would like to maintain a standalone system, the CA850/4A software can operate without a database.

    Test results are automatically categorised and can be processed (Printed / PDF).

  • data-management_fill

    With database

    For those who wish to manage test results in a separate database as part of a Hearing Conservation Programme, users can use the supplied Amplivox database solution.

    The software allows for results processing, results comparisons, trending and automated recalls to support in the efficient delivery of a hearing conservation programme.

  • emr_fill

    Third-party EMR integration

    The device can be integrated directly with many leading commercially available Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems including Cority, Eopas, G2 and Cohort to provide a seamless audiometric test function.

    The system can also be configurable to bespoke EMR applications typically used within the MoD.

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  • Included

    • Amplivox Audiocups (noise-reducing enclosures)
    • Patient response switch
    • Power supply with country adaptors
    • Carry case
    • USB stick (manuals and Audibase software)
    • USB cable (PC connection)
  • Optional

    • USB portable power bank (external)
    • Ear cushion covers (Audiocup or standard type)
    • ER-75 electro acoustic ear simulator
    • Audiology booth
    • Booth leads

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  • Consumables

    High-quality bespoke consumables and accessories to support patient testing programmes, reduce the risk of infection and optimise the performance and reliability of equipment. 

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  • Specifications
    Frequency range: 250 Hz - 8000Hz
    Attenuation range: -10 - 100dBHL

    CPT codes
    92551: screening, pure tone
    92552: threshold, air

  • Standards
    Audiometer EN60645-5/ANSI 3.39
    Type 2 Safety EN 60601-1, EMC EN 60601-1-2

    Three year warranty as standard. Please note: product availability may differ depending on country regulation and registration. For further information please contact us.