Calibration & repairs

Supporting our customers at the highest level

Our after-sales service includes calibration and repairs to ensure equipment works at its best for the longest time possible.

Why choose Amplivox?

We take pride in offering the best possible service and support to our customers at all times. Working with carefully selected partners, engineers and technicians allows us to deliver a state-of-the-art calibration and repairs service accredited to the latest ISO 13485:2016 standard and UKAS where required.

We calibrate and support all screening and diagnostic audiological equipment including audiometers, tympanometers (impedance meters), Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE), Hearing Instrument Test (HiT) boxes and Evoked Response Audiometers.

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  • Calibration options

    We calibrate medical instruments globally to maximise the life of the product, check measurement accuracy and compliance to manufacturers and international standards.

    We endeavour to provide a high level of service with an efficient turnaround time with competitive pricing.

    We calibrate and support all audiological equipment from leading manufacturers and many other types of medical equipment. We offer a return to base calibration service and an on-site calibration service.

  • A: Return to base calibration

    Send the instrument to Amplivox. A calibration can be completed by one of our trained service engineers and returned to you. If your calibration is urgent please contact our customer services team by via phone on +44 (0)1865 880846 or email.

    B: On-site calibration

    We would recommend on-site calibration for companies who have many instruments so they can be calibrated at once. Due to high demand, we advise to book on-site calibrations as early as possible in order to meet preferred times. To book an on-site calibration please contact our customer services team by via phone on +44 (0)1865 880846 or email.

One-day calibration service

We now offer a one-day calibration service to delegates who bring their equipment to our Birmingham accredited training courses. Equipment can be taken away the same day, or alternatively we can post it back to you free of charge. This service is available even if your equipment is not due for calibration, as it is completed on a pro rata basis. To take advantage of this service please book via the link below.

Please note this is on a first come first served basis and for calibrations only. Calibrations are an additional charge to course fee. Repairs not included.

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How to book a calibration

  • returns-form-icon

    Complete returns form

    To enable an efficient turnaround time for your calibration, pre-book by sending us your completed UK Returns or International Returns form via email. Download and complete the appropriate form below:

    UK Returns form >

    Intl. Returns form >

  • send-instrument

    Send instrument

    UK customers: Include the UK Returns form with your instrument and it’s headset. The shipping label is already completed on the second page of the returns form. We will contact you when the medical instrument has been received.

    Intl. customers: We will provide an RMA number within a working day to add to the International Returns Form. Send the form and instrument to us.

  • instrument-return-icon

    Instrument return

    Once the instrument has been calibrated it will be returned. If you have an account or have provided the required purchase order details (or other payment details), we will invoice and return the equipment. 

    If additional work is required or we are waiting for payment of invoice you will be notified.


Include a printout of the completed UK or International Returns form and send with the medical instrument. Also include the headset.

Please back up and remove personal data from your instrument before sending to Amplivox. If instruments are sent containing personal data, you are fully responsible for any such disclosure. Amplivox will delete any personal data immediately from the instruments without any further notice.

Calibration code request

I understand that by calibrating and changing the settings of my Amplivox device using an unauthorised Amplivox supplier, Amplivox cannot guarantee that the services will be performed by appropriately trained staff or to the relevant standards. Please note a calibration code request can take up to five working days.

Need a repair?

On the occasion your instrument breaks or becomes damaged, we can provide an efficient repair service to rectify the issue quickly and ensure your instrument is returned in full working order. Our repair service applies to both Amplivox manufactured instruments and many other audiological and medical equipment brands.


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Frequently asked questions

  • Medical equipment calibration is required to ensure all equipment is in full working to maintain instrument accuracy and to ensure the device is compliant with medical and legal standards. Calibration of an audiometer is a technical process requiring adherence to the relevant standards.

    Our customer support team work with carefully selected partners, engineers and technicians to manage and deliver a state-of-the-art calibration service to thousands of customers around the world.

    By choosing Amplivox, you can rest assured that your instrument will be measured according to the appropriate standards and with the highest levels of care. Our team will support you in reminding you about your calibration as well as help booking you in for the appropriate service.

    We calibrate and support all screening and diagnostic audiological medical equipment including audiometers, tympanometers (impedance meters), Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE), Hearing Instrument Test (HiT) boxes and Evoked Response Audiometers.

    Our services support many of the world’s leading audiological instrument manufacturers including: Interacoustics A/S, Grason-Stadler, Maico Diagnostics GmbH, MedRX and Otometrics. To find out if we support your device, please contact us today.

  • Medical equipment should be calibrated according to manufacturer’s guidelines and legal requirements. These may differ by country and we will support you to ensure you are aware of the requirements. When test results seem to be off expected measurements, a calibration will ensure the equipment measurements are returned to the right standard. This can for example happen when an instrument is dropped or had a sudden shock.

    We offer various calibration services to suit your requirements from an on-site calibration to a return to base calibration. When choosing a return to base calibration, your equipment will be calibrated and returned to you within 5 working days of receipt and remains fully insured at all times.

    Amplivox and partners are accredited to the latest ISO 13485:2016 standard and all audiometric calibration work is performed according to the following standards:

    • Air conduction – ISO 389-1: 2017
    • Insert earphones – ISO 389-2: 1997
    • Bone Conduction – ISO 389-3:2016
    • Narrow band noise – ISO 389-4: 1999 

    When choosing Amplivox for your calibration services, you can rest assured that all equipment is maintained according to National standards with clear traceability.