Spirometry courses

Our Spirometry courses are focused on offering education and competency-based training in all aspects of industrial spirometry. They are perfect for all healthcare professionals who require competency-based assessments to conduct lung function measurements.


Accredited spirometry courses

Spirometry is used within occupational, or workplace health, and respiratory clinics to assess and monitor an individual’s lung function capability. All Amplivox supplied spirometers have automatic interpretation, graphical data displays and a range of data management options to make for an efficient health surveillance program.

We have developed a number of spirometry courses for the theory and practice of lung function measurements within an occupational health environment.

Our 1.5-day spirometry competency course is a fully comprehensive course intended for OH trained individuals who are new to spirometry. The course is designed to offer education and competency based training in all aspects of industrial spirometry. The course is suitable for OH trained individuals who require competency based assessment to conduct lung function measurements.

If you are looking for a refresher course, then our 1-day occupational spirometry course is perfect for those that are currently conducting spirometry in the workplace and want to recap the measurement and interpretation of lung function measurements. The course is suitable for individuals who currently conduct spirometry in the workplace.

We recommend attending our 1-day occupational spirometry foundation level course if you are an occupational health technician who is new to spirometry. This course gives additional focus to the practicalities of spirometry to ensure consistency of measurements.

Content can include:

  • Basic spirometry & practical session
  • Spirometry protocol
  • Essentials of measurement 
  • Blood pressure & practical session
  • Peak flow meters & practical session
  • Written assessment

Course accreditation

Amplivox occupational audiometry courses have been independently accredited and are registered to provide delegates with continuing professional development to maintain, develop/increase knowledge and raise professional performance standards for industrial audiometry screening programmes. Each course offers delegates a number of CPD points under the accredited programme and the 2 day course also provides competency based training for delegates who require this level of knowledge and practical skills.

Did you know? 

We also offer on-site courses if there are more than several delegates that require the same training.

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