Bringing sustainability to the way we do business

We have a clear focus on people and culture, environment and climate, society and local community, as well as business ethics and governance for a brighter future.


A company of firsts

Founded on care

Amplivox was founded in 1935 by Sir Edwin Stevens, in the pursuit of supporting the hearing deficiency of a close family member. Since then, the company has expanded its focus to creating a healthier future for everyone, by providing high quality medical solutions to occupational health professionals, ENT experts, hearing specialists and audiologists worldwide.

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Today, our caring perspective goes beyond supporting hearing and occupational health professionals with medical solutions. We care for our surroundings, the environment and the local communities in which we are based. 

As part of a leading hearing healthcare group, Amplivox is fully committed to contributing positively towards the WHO Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with a clear focus on people and culture, environment and climate, society and local community, as well as business ethics and governance.


Environment and climate

We have a clear ambition to reduce our environmental footprint by constantly seeking ways to reduce our CO2 emissions and better utilise waste and hard-to-decompose substances.

Environmentally certified production

Our production facilities of audiometric solutions are certified according to ISO 14001 standard. With this environmental management system, we have defined ambitious goals and procedures for reducing our impact on the environment.

Recycling & materials

We care for our planet and are taking active steps to reduce our environmental footprint and carbon emissions, along with our couriers, partners and suppliers. On our road to a goal of net zero emissions by 2050, our sustainable activities are centred around: Purchased goods, materials, packaging and recycling.


Society & local community

Amplivox supports many charities and causes to support in the provision of hearing healthcare around the world.

For instance, we have donated equipment to audiologists at Healing the Children (a non-governmental, humanitarian charity) to be used within Ethiopia to enable audiologists to do their job more easily and effectively in these environments.

Our unique majority ownership by a charitable foundation also means a percentage of profit is directed to funding research for better hearing technology solutions.

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People & culture

Employee engagement, inclusion & wellbeing

Our employees are our biggest asset. Their well-being and engagement is a top priority in our daily work. We work with relevant employee engagement, inclusion and development programmes so that we continue developing our culture to support our team development.