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Truly portable spirometry

The Spirodoc is loved for its compact size and superior functionality. The truly handheld device can be operated as a standalone unit via the integrated touchscreen, or be connected effortlessly to the PC.

Weighing in at only 130g, the Spirodoc features a long battery life with internal memory for 10,000 test results as well as fulfilling all occupational health screening requirements. The included software (WinspiroPro) shows valuable trend graphs for any selected parameter for pro-active statistical analysis.

  • Spirodoc
  • Spirodoc Front View
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Features you'll love

  • Measured parameters include FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FEC (%), PEF, ELA (years), FEF25/75 
  • Automatic prediction display and LLN calculations
  • Automatic interpretation
  • Automatic BTPS conversion
  • Handheld device with touchscreen
  • Internal database with a capacity of 5000 results
  • Connect to PC via USB or Bluetooth
Spirodoc with Accessories

What's included

  • Turbine transducer
  • Re-usable turbine with mouthpiece
  • MiniFlowmeter holder
  • Mouthpiece
  • Noseclip
  • Winspiropro PC spirometry database software
  • USB cable to PC
  • Table support
  • Carrying case

Upgrades and Accessories

  • 3 L syringe
  • Disposable turbine and mouthpiece
  • Disposable 1-way mouthpiece
  • Winspiropro.net PC spirometry software  
  • Optional PSU

Popular Accessories


  • Spirodoc 3L Calibration Syringe
    3L Calibration Syringe
    3L Calibration Syringe
  • Spirometer Disposable Mouthpiece
  • Spirometer Disposable Mouthpiece with Turbine
    Disposable Turbine/Mouthpiece
    Disposable Turbine/Mouthpiece
  • Spirodoc Reusable Turbine
    Re-usable turbine
    Re-usable turbine
Winspiro Pro

Superior data analysis

Your Spirodoc is supplied with WinspiroPRO software, which enables automatic download of tests from the Spirodoc into WinspiroPRO. Data can be transferred via Bluetooth and USB Cable connectivity. WinspiroPRO can easily connect to a variety of EMR systems. This software also gives trend graphs of any parameter so is ideal for pro-active statistical analysis.

The spirometry incentive routine, which has been patented, allows the user to select the patient’s favourite image in order to get his maximum compliance. For any patient, all tests and curves in memory can be reviewed on a single page and the results, including oximetry tests, can be compared.

Spirodoc being cleaned

Accuracy and hygiene

Unlike other spirometers, the you will not need to input temperature, pressure or humidity details in order to calibrate your Spirometer.

This spirometer allows for a variety of mouthpieces to be used in conjunction with your occupational screening programme so that you can test effectively whilst reducing your wastage and operating expenses in comparison to alternative models available in the market.


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