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Course dates for 2019

Occupational audiometry update course (1 day) Occupational audiometry course (2 day) Occupational spirometry course (1 day) Occupational spirometry competency course (1.5 day) Occupational spirometry course foundation level (1 day) Occupational vision testing course (1 day)
September September 13th, Bristol
September 19th, York
September 11th -12th, Bristol
September 17th -18th, York
September 25th, York

September 25th-26th, York

September 23rd, York September 24th, York
October October 17th, Edinburgh October 16th -17th, Edinburgh October 23rd, York 23rd-24th October, York  
November November 15th, Colchester
November 29th, Hull

November 14th -15th, Colchester

November 28th-29th, Hull

November 7th, Reading 7th-8th November, Reading   November 6th, Reading
December December 5th, Glasgow  5-6th December, Glasgow

 January 2020

 January 31st, Chester  January 29th-30th, Chester      January 28th, Chester  
 February 2020  February 14th, Birmingham

 February 12th-13th, Birmingham

 February 19th-20th, Southampton

 February 19th, Cheadle  February 19th-20th, Cheadle    February 18th, Cheadle
 March 2020

 March 25th, Glasgow

 March 25th, Belfast

 March 25th-26th, Glasgow

 March 4th, Birmingham

 March 12th, Southampton

 March 26th, Belfast

 March 4th-5th, Birmingham

 March 12th-13th, Southampton

   March 3rd, Birmingham
 April 2020  April 2nd, Nottingham  April 1st-2nd, Nottingham  April 15th, Newcastle  April 15th-16th, Newcastle    
 May 2020

 May 7th, Newcastle

May 21st, Reading

 May 6th-7th, Newcastle

 May 20th-21st, Reading

 May 13th, Chester  May 13th-14th, Chester    
 June 2020  June 25th, York  June 24th-25th, York  June 10th, Nottingham  June 10th-11th, Nottingham    
 July 2020            
 August 2020            
 September 2020

 September 11th, Bristol

 September 17th, York

 September 9th-10th, Bristol

 September 16th-17th, York

 September 23rd, York  September 23rd-24th, York  September 25th, York  September 22nd, York
 October 2020  October 15th, Edinburgh

 October 14th-15th, Edinburgh

 October 7th, Reading  October 7th-8th, Reading    October 6th, Reading
November 2020

 November 12th, Colchester

 November 26th, Hull

 November 11th-12th, Colchester

 November 25th-26th, Hull

 December 2020      December 7th, Glasgow  December 7th-8th, Glasgow