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The most experienced supplier of quality screening and diagnostic equipment in the market.

  • Audiometry

    View our range of screening and diagnostic audiometers as well as hearing healthcare instruments.

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  • Tympanometry

    Our range of innovative tympanometers will fulfil the need of any hearing healthcare professional.

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  • Spirometry

    We have a wide range of spirometry products for occupational health workers and respiratory health clinics.

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  • Vision

    We provide innovative and reliable vision screening equipment to support eye care health solutions.

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  • Software

    View our range of supportive software solutions, including our free, intuitive and easy to use ampliSuite software.

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  • Training

    We offer a wide range of occupational training courses to support employers in their occupational healthcare.

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Calibration & repairs

After-sales support

At Amplivox we take pride in helping and servicing our customers at the highest possible level. Our after-sales service includes calibration and repairs to ensure your Amplivox equipment works at its best for the longest possible time. We can also help you with services on products manufactured by other companies.

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