Otowave 302 & 302+

Compact desktop tympanometers

Desktop tympanometers designed for fast and accurate middle ear measurements for audiology, ENT and primary care professionals.

The Otowave 302 includes the perfect test array to assess all ages and identify the most common middle ear pathologies; these include 226Hz probe tone frequency, ipsilateral and contralateral reflex testing.

The Otowave 302+ offers quick and accessible test settings with the additional feature of selecting patient profiles including adult, child and neonate. Unique user defined test profiles can be saved for routine testing.

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Screening and diagnostic testing

These tymapnometers are suited to screening and diagnostic requirements and have been designed with the key test batteries required for fast and efficient testing. Utilising the clearly laid out keys and display, the operator is easily able to define test settings, monitor progress during the test and evaluate results.

The handheld probe allows for accurate placement within the ear canal and allows for easy results measurements, especially on younger subjects (e.g. identifying Otitis Media). The integrated LED’s inform the operator on next action steps ensuring that the focus is maintained on the patient at all times.


Key features

  • Compact design with clear and large digital display
  • 226Hz probe tone
  • 1kHz probe tone (Otowave 302+) with admittance, susceptance and conductance measurements (YBG)
  • Live tymp display - measurements shown in real time
  • Ipsilateral and contralateral reflex frequencies (0.5, 1, 2 & 4kHz)
  • Enhanced mode reflex test
  • Auto pass/refer evaluation (ear canal volume)
  • Fully customisable test protocol
  • User-selectable measurement speeds
  • Connection to thermal printer
  • PC results management software included
  • Noah and Auditbase connection modules included.

Define your settings and routine

Test settings and routines can easily be changed depending on your preference or test subject in question.
The Otowave range allows you to quickly define the following test settings:

Probe tone (226 Hz high frequency (1kHz) included with Otowave 302+ model)
Sweep speeds 
Ipsilateral reflex frequencies
Contralateral reflex frequencies
Frequencies and test levels follow on routines
Adjustable peak definition for tympanograms (air pressure) 
Adjustable pass/refer criteria for reflex measurements with automatic detection.


Neonatal test functionality

The Otowave 302+ adds extra testing capability by adding 1000Hz probe tone for testing infants under (six months) with advanced results analysis (scalar, vector and component measurements; admittance (Y), susceptance (B), conductance (G)).

When testing subjects of different ages or needing to quickly switch through different test routines, switching is made easy with the Otowave 302+ by allowing switching between six test profiles at the press of a button. Three test profiles for adult, child and neonate are includes with three customisable profiles available for your needs.

  • Included

    • Eartip selection box
    • Contralateral transducer
    • Test cavities (4)
    • Spare probe tips and gaskets
    • Carry case
    • Power supply with country adaptors
    • USB cable (PC connection)
    • USB stick (manuals and ampliSuite software)
    • Noah impedence module.

    CPT codes
    92570: acoustic immitance Testing (tympanometry, reflexes and decay)
    92567: tympanometry
    92568: acoustic reflexes

    Tympanometer IEC 60645-5
    Type 2 Safety IEC 60645-5

    Three year warranty as standard. Please note: product availability may differ depending on country regulation and registration. For further information please contact us.

  • Optional

    • Portable printer 
    • Ear tips
    • USB portable power bank
    • OtoAccess® database.

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  • Consumables

    High-quality bespoke consumables and accessories to support patient testing programmes, reduce the risk of infection and optimise the performance and reliability of equipment. 

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