Audiometric database software

Developed by occupational health specialists for occupational health specialists, Audibase is an audiometric database software which facilitates Electronic Medical Record (EMR) audiometric test record storage and analysis on a PC.

With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and simple navigation layout, Audibase is the ideal patient data management solution.


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Download software

Audibase 5.5 is now available to download, as well as the USB Drivers necessary for our software. To download and install Audibase 5.5 please click below:


Audibase USB Drivers

Audiometry results

Audibase can be used with Amplivox PC-based audiometers to provide reduced test times and maximise workflow efficiency. The application can also be used with standalone products such as the CA850, Model 116 and Model 170. Audiometric records can be reviewed on screen, printed and exported to other PC applications.


  • Intuitive
  • EMR for audiometry and vision testing
  • HSE audiogram categorisation
  • Predictive hearing feature
  • Identification of ‘at risk’ personnel
  • Recall function
  • Extensive analysis features
  • Integrated questionnaire
  • No unauthorised access

Data analysis

The implementation of pro-active hearing conservation programs is possible with extensive data analysis. Including a unique user selectable predictive trending feature, based on age and gender to assist with the evaluation of test results. Audiograms are automatically categorised in accordance with HSE recommendations (with optional OSHA categorisation). The user definable recall function also provides an effective means of organising an annual audiogram test program.

How to use Audibase
How to add client information
How to use the Audibase questionnaire
Interpreting audiograms and categorising results


Audibase can also be supplied as a networked option (version 5.6) to enable several Amplivox PC850 and Otosure audiometers to interface to a single database (it can also be cloud based for additional data security). Audibase is the perfect companion for the following devices:

Desktop audiometers
Model 116 and Model 170

PC-based audiometers
PC850 and Otosure

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