Occupational health audiometric database

Developed by occupational health specialists for occupational health specialists, Audibase is an audiometric database designed to both manage and provide detailed information on hearing conservation programme performance.

Audibase can provide several features to assist with the interpretation of audiometric data, including automatic audiogram categorisation, user selected predictive displays (based upon age and gender) and hearing level indicators. 

All features which help not just with assessment, but also with the explanation of test results and provision of hearing education. Extensive user defined reporting is also provided to quickly identify ‘at risk’ individuals and groups.

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The user in mind

To allow for complete focus on the working day, Audibase offers support through an intuitive and logical workflow. Audibase can integrate with a number of Amplivox screening audiometers to provide a seamless PC-based audiometry application without the need to manually transfer data.


Key features

  • Unlimited storage of patient demographics and test records
  • Preview option of all measured audiograms
  • Automated HSE 
  • audiogram categorisation
  • Optional OHSA 
  • audiogram categorisation
  • Integrated, customisable questionnaire
  • Identification of ‘at risk’ personnel
  • Recall function
  • Extensive analysis features

Working with you 

Audibase includes several features to ensure time can be used productively, such that workflow improvements can be made to reduce test time and administrative tasks. The intuitive software automatically categorises audiograms based on HSE recommendations. An integrated, user definable recall function ensures your organisation of annual audiogram re-tests.



Audibase is the perfect companion for the following devices:

Desktop audiometers
Model 116 and Model 170

PC-based audiometers
PC850 and Otosure