Amplivox Cority

Integration module

Working in partnership, Amplivox and Cority are proud to introduce the first audiometer REST API which supports a direct and secure connection between Cority software and Amplivox audiometers with no patient data stored on the local PC drive.

This seamless connection supports proven workflow improvements through the reduction of test times and the elimination of paperwork, allowing for a greater level of patient care to be provided.


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  • Our Cority API is suitable for all occupational health professionals who use Amplivox audiological solutions as part of their hearing conservation programme, including the PC850 and Otosure screening audiometers. To see the benefits of the Cority Integration Module, watch our tutorial video below:

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  • Operators

    • Secured data connection between the audiometer and Cority
    • Removes the need for manual data entry 
    • Removes the need for printing, scanning and uploading of results 
    • Removes the need to manage and maintain multiple databases

    System administrators

    • Secure data connection between Audiometer and Cority
    • No additional database to secure or maintain. All data is held securely within Cority


Cority Occupational Health (OH) software is used by more than 800 global organisations to strengthen injury and illness management, optimise return-to-work, ensure regulatory compliance, and identify insights needed to realise better workforce health & wellness.

We are the first occupational health equipment provider to develop an API directly with Cority, providing a secure and seamless audiometric function for hearing screening programmes.


  • Amplivox Cority API works with all Amplivox audiometers manufactured after 2018
  • Amplivox Cority API requires Cority Version GX2
  • Amplivox Cority API can be installed on any Windows 10/11 computer and requires an internet connection

Activation process

  • New licence customers

    1. Complete the licence activation form to generate a 14-day licence
    2. Generate Authenticator Token within the Cority Portal (ask your Cority system administrator)
    3. Download and install software
    4. Enter Cority Portal URL, Cority Authenticator Token and activate
    5. Within 5 working days you will receive an annual licence which can be entered in to the Amplivox Cority API*

    *Subject to customer status payment terms.

  • Enterprise / Volume Licences

    1. Download and install software
    2. System administrator will provide:
      Cority Portal URL
      Cority Authenticator Token
      Amplivox Cority API Licence key
    3. Enter Cority Portal URL, Cority Authenticator Token and activate

    Download guide >

Licence activation

Complete the form below to generate a 14-day licence.