Audiological data management software

Amplisuite is an audiological software application designed to process test results that have been completed with Amplivox screening and diagnostic audiometry and tympanometry equipment. Designed for use by ENT experts, hearing aid dispensers, private practitioners and other hearing health care personnel.


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Download software

Amplisuite 2.0.1 is now available to download, as well as the USB Drivers necessary for our software. Included within our Amplisuite 2.0.1 package are Amplisuite NOAH, and Amplisuite PRO.


Amplisuite 2.0.1 USB Drivers Watch video

EMR integration

Amplisuite has the flexibility to be used as a standalone product or part of a larger patient management record system. Amplisuite can interface directly with Noah and other Noah compatible patient management systems such as Auditbase and Practice Navigator to provide a streamlined and efficient audiology service. Amplivox also offers the integration of Amplisuite into OtoAccess® (Amplisuite Pro), which is available to purchase.


  • Audiometry and tympanometry modules in one suite
  • Customisable PDF printouts with your own clinic/logo
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Large graphs for detailed review
  • Pass and refer evaluation for each test result (tymp and reflexes)
  • 17 available languages
  • EMR connectivity including Noah, Auditbase, GDT and OtoAccess®
  • Counselling tools for tone audiometric test results, including adjustable PTA and baseline comparison

Amplisuite modules

The audiometry module has both pure tone audiometry and speech audiometry options where patient results can be uploaded from the audiometer’s internal memory directly to Amplisuite. To help the patient understand their hearing situation (e.g. conductive, sensorineural or a combined hearing loss) and audiogram, counselling tools are available to
be displayed within the audiogram in order to provide the best possible support and outcomes.

The tympanometry module is designed to be used with our range of Otowave tympanometers to provide effortless data transfer of test records for an improved patient management workflow. The tympanometry module includes both tympanometry and acoustic reflex graphs, to make an effortless review of the measurements available. Normative boxes and Jerger classifications can also be added to the tympanometry graphs.

How to use the audiometry module
How to use the tympanometry module
How to use OtoAccess with Amplisuite
How to use Noah with Amplisuite
How to customise your Amplisuite printout
  • Amplisuite is the perfect companion for the following devices:

    Screening audiometers
    Model 116, Model 170, 
    PC850 and Otosure

    Diagnostic audiometers
    Model 240, Model 260,
    Model 270 and Model 270+

    All our tympanometers can be used with Amplisuite

  • Amplisuite version 2.0.1 is now available to download. This latest version includes the following features:

    • New UI
    • New thresholds
    • Speech audiometry improvements
    • Immittance module update
    • Automatic updates
    • Additional features

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