250S Acoustic booth

Silence in 1m2

Many industrial and health care organisations have recognised the need for a controlled acoustic environment where accurate audiological recordings can be obtained.

Designed to use as little space as possible, the 250S acoustic booth requires less than a footprint of 1m2, yet still offers a comfortable space for your client in the inside. The sound booth is equipped with wheels to be effortlessly moved from room to room if required.

Unassembled kit form option available where access is difficult for assembled unit and offers the flexibility of installing the door with a left or right hand opening to suit your environment.

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Features you'll love

  • Complies with BSEN ISO 8253-1
  • External dimensions: 730mm wide (plus 97mm for shelf) x 990mm deep x 1945mm high 
  • Internal dimensions: 604mm wide x 860mm deep x 1680mm high
  • Weight: 295kg net (322kg shipping weight)
  • Pre-assembled: ready to use within minutes of delivery
  • Folding shelf and integral jack panel of 9x 6mm 3 pole sockets and 1x USB connection
  • Silenced ventilation system and lighting
  • Large double-glazed acoustic window
  • Built-in patient’s seat (pre-assembled type) 

Popular Accessories


  • headset

    Microphone and monitor headset

    Headband for AC headset
  • 8506749---booth-leads

    Booth leads


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