Model 270+

Advanced two-channel diagnostic audiometer

A powerful two-channel diagnostic audiometer which brings a new standard to the hearing healthcare profession.

All measurements required for hearing testing are included, as well as enhanced tests such as speech audiometry (wave input or live speech) and free field testing. Special tests such as SISI, Stenger, MLB, Master Hearing Aid (MHA), Hearing Loss Simulator (HLS) and tone decay are also included.

With the inclusion of new technologies such as masking assistant and unique illuminated light rings for a more accurate and efficient testing experience, this is the perfect choice for audiologists, ENTs and hearing aid suppliers within audiology. 


Brochure Manual Tech specs

Full integration

Efficient data management is a key requirement in offering streamlined healthcare. The Model 270+ has been designed to work seamlessly with either direct printing (stand-alone) or integrate with computer based infrastructure, with data processing and management modules included.

The PC-based ampliSuite allows for easy results download for processing and management with useful counselling tools such as speech bananas etc. Where other medical record databases are used, Amplivox includes as standard connection modules to Noah, Auditbase and OtoAccess®. Many other connections are available.


Key features

  • Tone audiometry (AC, BC, pure tone, warble tone, pulsed tone)
  • Narrowband and speech weighted masking
  • Automatic AC and BC testing incl. automatic masking
  • Speech audiometry (wave file and CD input)
  • Free field functionality
  • Special tests: ABLB, Stenger, SISI, tone decay, HLS, MHA
  • ampliSuite software and Noah modules included.


This portable digital audiometer features all the requirements you would expect within both screening and diagnostic audiometry. Both manual and automatic (Hughson-Westlake and Bekesy) testing are available for air and bone conduction, along with helpful tools to assist so that you can determine hearing loss issues quickly and efficiently.

The Model 270+ audiometer has been designed to be ready to test with everything you require in the all-in-one application. Learn the basic operations of the Model 270+ in less than five minutes:

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  • The user in focus

    While operating the audiometer controls (level wheels and tone presentation), the user can place their hands upright for optimal hand placement. The thoughtful key layout and light ring indicators representing the selected ear permits a constant overview of the current test situation, reducing stress and mistakes. 

    The considered design allows for complete focus on the patient with a clear display and innovative light rings to display channel rings, so that key information can be gathered with the glance of an eye.

    Focusing on a clear six key process to define test routines which allows for fast test selection, this audiometer is perfect for those new to testing and seasoned professionals alike. 

  • Clinical tests

    Special tests are common in helping to assess patient hearing issues as well as in delivering life changing solutions. The Model 270+ includes many clinical tests and counselling tools that ensure a leading patient care can be provided.

    With recorded and live speech testing, the SRT and SDT scored can easily be defined at the most comfortable threshold level (MCL) for faster hearing aid fitting. 

    Many hearing care providers favour additional counselling tools such as the Hearing Loss Simulator (HLS) and Master Hearing Aid (MHA) which can be used in conjunction to help offer care that leaves the patients completely satisfied.


Masking intelligence

When to use masking in audiometric testing and at what sound level to use it is not always straightforward. The Model 270+ masking assistant informs you when masking is suggested and at the same time judges the volume of the stimulus as ideal, too loud or too soft.

This allows for exact audiometric threshold testing of air and bone conduction. When required the Model 270+ can also be set to automated testing and will apply masking levels automatically, for both air and bone conduction.

  • Included

    • Standard audiometric headset
    • Bone conduction headset
    • Patient response switch
    • Power supply with country adaptors
    • Audiogram cards (50)
    • Carry case
    • USB cable (PC connection)
    • USB stick (manuals and ampliSuite software)
    • Noah audiometry module.

    Frequency range: 125 - 8000Hz
    Attenuation range: -10 - 120 dBHL
    Transducer: DD45. Second calibrated headset may be added including IP30 or TDH39 earphones

    CPT codes
    92551: screening, pure tone
    92552: threshold, air
    92553: air and bone
    92557: comprehensive audiometry, threshold evaluation and speech recognition

    Audiometer EN 60645-1/ANSI S3.6,
    Type 2 Safety EN 60601-1, EMC EN 60601-1-2

    Three year warranty as standard. Please note: product availability may differ depending on country regulation and registration. For further information please contact us.

  • Optional

    • Amplivox Audiocups (noise-reducing enclosures)
    • Masking earpiece
    • Insert earphones
    • Thermal printer
    • Booth leads
    • OtoAccess® database
    • Patient microphone
    • Loudspeakers
    • Monitor headset and microphone
    • MP3 player with wordlists
    • USB portable power bank (external).

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  • Consumables

    High-quality bespoke consumables and accessories to support patient testing programmes, reduce the risk of infection and optimise the performance and reliability of equipment. 

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