Model 270

Diagnostic audiometer

The Model 270 diagnostic audiometer offers an extensive range of audiological measurements, including air conduction and bone conduction, speech testing and allows for freefield measurements.

Benefiting from a clear and precise display, a logical key layout and durable design, users can also access functions quickly therefore reducing test times.

Conventional and intuitive, hearing tests can be conducted quickly and efficiently. This instrument is ideal for audiology specialists and hearing health experts who operate within a clinic, workplace or on-the-go.

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Test with confidence

The ideal audiometer for hearing aid dispensers and audiologists. A reliable diagnostic instrument capable of recording and storing regular hearing threshold for both air and bone conduction as well an uncomfortable loudness threshold required for successful hearing aid fitting. Results can be printed, saved in memory or exported to ampliSuite and Noah applications for review and storage.

The Model 270 allows for speech and free field hearing test assessment with two loudspeakers connected (optional). Learn how to set-up and use the Model 270 in less than three minutes:

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Key features

  • Air and bone conduction, ULL/UCL 
  • Speech testing (live and recorded)
  • Free field functionality (2 speakers)
  • Tone selection: pure, pulsed, warble, continuous
  • Masking: narrowband (tone) or speech-weighted
  • Special tests: ABLB, Stenger, SISI
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Integrated talk forward and back functions
  • Threshold retention function
  • Internal memory, connection to thermal printer and/or PC.d (optional). 

Special test: SISI

The most popular special test on the Model 270 diagnostic audiometer is the Short Increment Sensitivity Index (SISI) test.
Watch this three minute video from our Sales and Development Manager to find out more:

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  • Included

    • Standard audiometric headset
    • Bone conduction headset
    • Patient response switch
    • Power supply with country adaptors
    • Audiogram cards (50)
    • Carry case
    • USB stick (manuals and ampliSuite software)
    • Noah audiometry module.

    Frequency range: 125 - 8000Hz
    Attenuation range: -10 - 120dBHL

    CPT codes
    92551: screening, pure tone
    92552: threshold, air
    92553: air and bone
    92557: comprehensive audiometry, threshold evaluation and speech recognition

    Audiometer EN 60645-1/ANSI S3.6
    Type 2 Safety EN 60601-1, EMC EN 60601-1-2

    Three year warranty as standard. Please note: product availability may differ depending on country regulation and registration. For further information please contact us.

  • Optional

    • Amplivox Audiocups (noise-reducing enclosures)
    • Masking earpiece
    • Insert earphones
    • Thermal printer
    • Booth leads
    • USB cable (PC connection)
    • OtoAccess® database
    • Patient microphone
    • Loudspeakers
    • Monitor headset and microphone
    • USB portable power bank (external).

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  • Consumables

    High-quality bespoke consumables and accessories to support patient testing programmes, reduce the risk of infection and optimise the performance and reliability of equipment. 

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