Model 240

Diagnostic audiometry anywhere

The Model 240 is the most proven and reliable diagnostic audiometer available on the market for over ten years.

Pure tone audiometric testing can be completed either manually or automatically to your testing requirements, with bone conduction and masking intelligence included as standard.

An audiometer that is effortlessly lightweight, making it the ideal choice of traveling audiologists when visiting patients who require at home care or cannot visit medical establishments for their hearing screening.

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Full functionality - compact size

Featuring soft keys that are highly durable, having been heavily tested to withstand constant use, confidently rely on the Model 240 audiometer for all future hearing diagnostic tests to support your work and your patients. Fast and efficient testing completely stand-alone or in conjunction with a PC, the Model 240 helps you where space is at a premium.

The ideal choice for traveling audiologists, helpfully supplied with a custom protective case making patient visits easier, whether walking to an individual's location or carrying it in hand-luggage through an airport.


Key features

  • Frequency range (AC): 125 - 8000Hz
  • Attenuation range (AC): -10 - 100dBHL
  • Air and bone conduction
  • Tone selection: pure, pulsed, warble
  • Masking: narrowband (tone) or speech-weighted
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Optional battery power option
  • Integrated talk forward function
  • Threshold retention function (during test)
  • Internal memory, connection to thermal printer and/or PC.


The clear design of the audiometer allows for full focus on the subject with easy testing using bone conduction and masking to help differentiate between conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. The Model 240 requires minimal training to operate, which allows occupational health professionals to start working quickly and focus on a patient's hearing loss diagnosis.

  • Included

    • Standard audiometric headset
    • Bone conduction headset
    • Patient response switch
    • Power supply with country adaptors
    • Audiogram cards (50)
    • Carry case
    • USB stick (manuals and software)
    • ampliSuite PC software (stand-alone)
    • Noah audiometry module. 

    Frequency range: 125 - 8000Hz
    Attenuation range: -10 - 100dBHL

    CPT codes
    92551: screening, pure tone
    92552: threshold, air
    92553: air and bone

    Audiometer EN 60645-1/ANSI S3.6
    Type 4 Safety EN 60601-1, EMC EN 60601-1-2

    Three year warranty as standard. Please note: product availability may differ depending on country regulation and registration. For further information please contact us.

  • Optional

    • Amplivox Audiocups upgrade
    • Masking headset
    • Battery power function
    • Thermal printer
    • Booth leads
    • USB cable (PC connection)
    • OtoAccess® database
    • USB portable power bank. 

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