As of 1st July 2020, all Amplivox manufactured audiometers and tympanometers now include a three year warranty.

Amplivox Otowave 102-C

Otowave 102-C

The first Otowave with a charging cradle

Our Otowave 102-C is based on the bestselling Amplivox Otowave 102. Now even better, the Otowave 102-C adds a cradle for charging and data transfer to improve workflows further.

With only 3 button presses required from starting the Otowave 102-C to performing a test, this product is ready to go as soon as you need it.

The Otowave 102-C is supplied with its own Data Management Software (ampliSuite) as well as connection modules to the leading medical record systems including NOAH and AuditBase.

  • Amplivox Otowave 102-C Bottom View
  • Amplivox Otowave 102-C Top View
  • Amplivox Otowave 102 Side View
  • Amplivox Otowave 102-C
Amplivox Otowave 102-C Closeup

Key Features

  • Charging cradle with PC data transfer
  • LiveTymp progress display
  • 4 ipsilateral reflex test frequencies
  • Fast pass mode reflex test
  • Auto pass/refer evaluation
  • Fully customisable test protocol
  • Internal database
  • AmpliSuite software and NOAH integration included.
  • User configurable test settings
  • 6 language options: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Italian
Amplivox Otowave 102-C with Accessories



  • Otowave 102-C
  • Charging and Data Cradle
  • Eartip selection box
  • 4x test cavities
  • Spare probe tips and gaskets
  • Carry case
  • ampliSuite PC software (stand-alone)
  • Noah impedance module
  • USB cable


Popular Accessories


  • Tympanometer Eartips
    Headband for AC headset
    Eartip selection
  • Sanibel MPT-2 Thermal Printer
    Thermal printer
    Thermal printer
  • Amplivox Otowave 102 Probe Tip
    Probe tips
    Probe tips

Thoughtful design as standard

Lightweight and portable, the Otowave 102-C has the battery life to keep up with your whole working day.

With a charging and data transfer cradle, plus a user intuitive menu setup, the Otowave 102-C is perfect for any testing environment. As standard with all Amplivox products, everything is included, such as a carry case and all-inclusive testing setup.

Amplivox Otowave 102-C Detail

Intuitive features

The Otowave 102-C has an automated pass/refer feature and is very easy to use with on-screen information displayed before, during and after the test. The compliance peak, compliance peak pressure, gradient, ear canal volume and an ipsilateral reflex test will be measured within seconds.

The programmable reflex test can be configured for one or more test frequencies (500, 1kHz, 2kHz and 4kHz) and also features a fast IPSI multi-level screening mode.

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