Amplisuite Audiometry module


Intuitive and easy software

Software should be easy to use, and ampliSuite is designed to be simple and straightforward to use so that you can focus on your patient.

Both our audiometry and immittance module are designed to follow your preferred workflow, from adding patient information, reviewing and analysing data, to processing test results. 

Three versions of ampliSuite are now available:

ampliSuite 1.2

ampliSuite NOAH

ampliSuite PRO


  • Amplisuite Reflex Module
  • Amplisuite Tympanometry module
  • Amplisuite Speech module
  • Amplisuite Audiometry module
Amplisuite on Tablet

Key Features

  • Audiometry and Immittance Module in one suite
  • Simple and intuitive to use with a clear structure
  • Touch compatible
  • Large graphs for detailed review
  • Counselling tools for tone audiometrical test results, including adjustable PTA and baseline comparison
  • Pass and Refer Evaluation for each test result (Tymp and reflexes)
  • 17 languages available
  • Customisable PDF printouts with your own clinic / logo
  • EMR connectivity inclduing NOAH and OtoAccess
USB Cable with Laptop


ampliSuite is perfect for the following devices:


  • Screening audiometers 116 and 170
  • Diagnostic audiometers 240, 260, 270 and 270+


All our tympanometers can be used with ampliSuite.



ampliSuite 1.2

Our ampliSuite 1.2 is the perfect companion for your workflow and can be used without a database. This is the ideal free solution for those using a paper or other database which required PDF session uploads,

The audiometry module has both tone and speech options which can uploaded directly from the audiometer to the suite.

The immittance module includes both tympanometry and acoustic reflex options with large graphs which can selected individually for extensive review.

Both modules includes a wide range of counselling tools, such as adjustable PTA calculation, SRT, customisable normative boxes and pass and refer evaluations.




ampliSuite NOAH

Our ampliSuite NOAH connects seamlessly with NOAH 4 for both modules.

Using a database enables you to conduct a baseline comparison with as many results as you’d like displayed on one graph in multiple colours for easy comparison.

Amplisuite Software on Laptop

ampliSuite PRO

Due to popular demand, we have now released ampliSuite PRO, with its very own database.

Designed to be user-friendly with unlimited storage for measurement data and client information, our database has one-click features, automatic backup and advanced login options.

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