As of 1st July 2020, all Amplivox manufactured audiometers and tympanometers now include a three year warranty.



PC-based audiometry

The PC850 is portable PC based audiometer that will automatically measure and categorise hearing levels. Results can be used for statistical and trending analysis. This audiometer is used all around for mass screening programmes.

  • Amplivox PC850 Profile
  • Amplivox PC850 Rear
  • Amplivox PC850 Side
  • amplivox-pc850_front
Amplivox PC850 Detail

Key Features

  • Frequency range: 250 - 8000Hz
  • Attenuation range: -10 - 100dBHL
  • Hybrid audiometer (PC-based and stand-alone)
  • Manual and automated audiometry, incl. Békésy and computer test
  • Tone selection: Pure
  • Integrated talk forward function
  • Interface to OPAS and E-OPASCohort and Cority OH databases
Amplivox PC850 Accessories



  • Standard audiometric headset
  • Patient response switch
  • Power supply with country adaptors
  • Carrying case
  • USB stick (manuals + software)
  • USB cable (PC connection)
  • Audibase PC software (stand-alone)


Popular Accessories


  • Amplivox Audiocups
  • DD45 Audiometric Headset
    DD45 Earphones
    DD45 earphones
  • Patient Response Switch
    Patient response switch
    Patient response switch
  • USB A to B cable
    USB cable
    USB cable
Hearing Test with Amplivox PC850

Mobile and flexible

With a unit weight of just 710g and USB connectivity, the Amplivox PC850 can be transferred from location to location with ease. The instrument connects to booths with standard connections and when combined with Audiocups, can be used in locations where testing would not be normally possible.

Audibase Software on Tablet

Comprehensive testing and data management

Three extensive tests including the self recording/Békésy type test and an on-screen audiometric questionnaire facilitate a completely paper-less audiometric function. All tests can be reviewed on-screen and subsequently printed or electronically exported if required. Furthermore, the device has a user definable recall facility and extensive data analysis features that enable ‘at risk’ individuals and user defined groups to be identified and monitored.

The Amplivox PC850 is compatible with all leading occupational health databases to provide electronic data storage and statistical analysis benefits. The audiometer can interface to OPAS and E-OPAS and Cohort OH databases.

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