As of 1st July 2020, all Amplivox manufactured audiometers and tympanometers now include a three year warranty.


Model 116

Cost effective screening

The Model 116 is a portable, manual screening audiometer designed for fast and efficient screening. It is used by primary care professionals around the world.

With the optional battery function and Amplivox Audiocups, the Model 116 can be used in a variety of normally challenging environments. The simple operation including the Threshold Retention function, allow the user to quickly store results during the test. Results can then be transferred to the PC or printed.

  • Amplivox 116 Audiometer Flat
  • Amplivox 116 Audiometer Back
  • Amplivox 116 Audiometer Side
  • amplivox-116front
Amplivox 116 Audiometer Closeup

Key Features

  • Frequency range: 125 - 8000Hz
  • Attenuation range: -10 - 100dBHL
  • Tone selection: Pure, pulsed, warble, continuous
  • Portable and lightweight design
  • Optional battery power option
  • Integrated talk forward function
  • Threshold retention function (during test)
  • Connection to thermal printer and/or PC
Amplivox 116 Audiometer Nurse with Child Lifestyle

Easy and straightforward to use

The 116 screening audiometer is the perfect instrument for successful screening. You can test nearly anywhere when used with Audiocups and Battery Power Option.

The control panel is intuitively laid out with a clear display and is simple to use.

Perfect choice for travelling 

The Model 116 is designed to be lightweight with a small footprint. The audiometer is supplied with a custom designed carry case which makes it easy to transport from one clinic to another.

Many of our customers choose to upgrade their package to include the Amplivox Audiocups. With these fitted, it is possible to test in far more challenging environments.

Another favourite option is the battery pack that can be added. With this, your audiometer really can test anywhere – regardless of power supply.

Popular Accessories

  • DD45 Audiometric Headset

    Standard headset

  • Amplivox Audiocups

    Audiocups upgrade

    Paediatric headband for AC headset
  • Patient Response Switch

    Patient response switch

    Earphone TDH39 (unmatched)
  • Sanibel MPT-2 Thermal Printer

    Thermal printer

Amplivox 116 Accessories



  • Standard audiometric headset
  • Patient response switch
  • Audiogram cards (50x)
  • Power supply with country adaptors
  • Carrying case
  • USB stick (manuals + software)
  • ampliSuite PC software (stand-alone)
  • Noah audiometry module


  • Amplivox Audiocups upgrade
  • Pediatric headband for school screening (DD45)
  • Battery function
  • Thermal printer
  • USB cable (PC connection)
  • Audibase software

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