Visiolite Master

Intuitive PC-based vision testers

Designed for fast, accurate vision assessment performed by general practitioners and occupational health personnel. The Visiolite Master and Master GT vision testers are PC-controlled, providing significant improvements in both workflow and time management.

User defined test programmes can be created for occupation specific vision testing requirements across a comprehensive range of visual parameters for fast, relevant visual assessments across a wide range of industries.

Test parameters include visual acuity (near, far and intermediate), depth perception, colour vision, phoria and peripheral vision in both the horizontal and vertical planes, which are essential when testing for mobile equipment operators. 

Please note: The Visiolite Master and Visiolite Master GT are manufactured by FIM Medical and are distributed by Amplivox Ltd.

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Fully customisable solutions

Both the Visiolite Master and Visiolite Master GT are designed to be easily connected and controlled by your PC. This helps reduce test times with efficient process control, as well as data management. With automated data management, test times and administration duties are reduced allowing you to spend more time with the subject.

The Visiolite Master and Visiolite Master GT test routines can be fully customised to the role of the subject being tested using the Visiolite PC software. Full customisation options such as patient routines, test symbol options or available parameters allow for a truly personalised screening routine. 


Key features

  • PC operated or remote controlled
  • Customisable patient instructions
  • Time-saving test routines
  • Horizontal and vertical peripheral field tests
  • EMR connectivity
  • Glare sensitivity and resistance (Visiolite Master GT only).

Vision test parameters

The Visiolite Master allows for the following vision screening exams: acuity test (landolt rings, letters), supplementary vision tests (contrast sensitivity, adult and children vertical and horizontal phorias, fusion, astigmatism, depth perception, ishihara type colours test, amsler grid, hyperopia test, horizontal and vertical visual field) and additional features (distance, far vision, intermediate vision, near vision).

Additional vision screening tests such as Amsler grid, glare sensitivity and resistance etc. are available in the GT version of the Visiolite Master vision testers.


The user in mind

A unique feature of the Visiolite is that  not only can user defined test parameters be selected, but the actual sequence of the test parameters can also be configured to suit the programme needs. 

Eye tests can also be performed in monocular or binocular vision. For computerized versions, results are recorded directly onto the computer. For remote control versions, results are recorded on response forms.

An easily adjustable height feature and a dual lens system make for an improved and more accurate test, particularly when testing far, near and intermediate visual acuity.

The patient in mind

Designed for maximum ergonomics, the Visiolite is equipped with a detector that detects the position of the patient’s forehead. Once the patient is correctly positioned, testing can begin.

The practitioner will be able to see that the test subjects head is correctly located as a symbol will above on the PC screen, thus ensuring accuracy in the tests, particularly the visual acuity distance tests.

The Visiolite is designed to progressively adapt the patient to different light levels depending on the type of test performed. Tests can be performed on three light levels: high photopic, low photopic or mesopic (dusk light).

  • Included

    • Visiolite software
    • USB Cable
    • Power supply
    • Carry case.

    CPT codes
    99173: screening test of visual acuity quantitative, bilateral
    99174: instrument-based ocular screening

    The Visiolite Master and Visiolite Master GT are manufactured by FIM Medical and are distributed by Amplivox Ltd. Please note: product availability may differ depending on country regulation and registration. For further information please contact us.

  • Optional

    • Remote control. 

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  • Consumables

    High-quality bespoke consumables and accessories to support patient testing programmes, reduce the risk of infection and optimise the performance and reliability of equipment. 

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