Optec 5000P & 5500P

Industrial and DSE vision screening

A portable dual lens (near and far) vision tester with a remote control panel that can measure visual acuity, depth perception, colour vision, lateral and vertical phoria and peripheral vision.

Standardised test slide kits are available to meet the needs of industrial and primary care organisations. For specialist needs, there is a library of over 150 test slides available.

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Optec 5000 Closeup

Key Features

  • Ideal for industrial and DSE screening needs
  • Dual lens system for testing bifocal patients
  • 6/4.5 (20/15) to 6/60 (20/200) visual acuity range
  • Unique maintenance free LED lighting system
  • Portable
  • No calibration required
Optec 5000 with Vision Board


  • Standard kit of test slides for industrial and primary care screening
  • Test pointer to assist test subject
  • Lens cleaner
  • Headrest tissues
  • Recording forms
  • Dust cover
  • Remote control panel (Optec 5500P only)

Upgrades and Accessories

  • Intermediate lenses, different sizes (20'', 20.5'', 26'', 31.5'', 39.5'')
  • Choice of over 150 test slides

Popular Accessories

  • Optec 5000 Individual Intermediate Lens
    Individual intermediate lens
    Individual intermediate lens
  • Optec 5000 Intermediate Lens Set
    Intermediate lens set
    Intermediate lens set
  • Optec 5000 Carry Case
    Carrying case
    Carrying case
  • Optec 5000 Headrest Tissues
    Headrest tissues
    Headrest tissues
Optec 5000 and 5500P

Available versions

The Optec comes in two models: the Optec 5000P & 5500P. Both vision screeners offer you the same test functions and set-up with the Optec 5500P also being provided with a remote-control panel.

A large viewing port, combined with a test pointer, facilitates fast and effective patient testing. Height adjustment ensures patient comfort and a remote control panel saves time and gives excellent test flexibility.

Several features provide for an extremely accurate vision test system.
An advanced lighting system ensures high resolution, true colour test
images with no glare reflection.

There are no light bulbs to change as the instruments utilize a microprocessor controlled LED lighting system. A dual lens system permits a more accurate test on bifocal/multifocal patients.

Closeup of Human Eye

Design features

The design features of both the Optec 5000P and 5500P create a comfortable testing environment for your patient. For example, the locking adjustable height mechanism, and confidential testing allow the patient to feel relaxed whilst the dual lens system permits the patient to use normal bifocals without having to move their head for ultimate ease.

Observation windows on the sides of the instrument permit the test administrator to identify test images should clarification be needed by the test subject and there are no light bulbs to change since a microprocessor controlled LED lighting system is utilized.

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