Product comparison - Vision Testing


Optec 5000P Optec 5500P Titmus V4 Titmus V2 VT1 Master VT1 Master GT
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Suitable for industrial vision screening
Dual lens system for accurate testing bifocal patients

6/4.5 to 6/20 acuity range

6/4.8 to 6/30
Meets recent DVLA 6/7.5 requirements
Remote control panel

Optional Optional
Computerized Device with PDF output        
Maintenance free lighting system
Far visual acuity
Near visual acuity
Intermediate visual acuity
Depth perception test
Colour vision test
Lateral phoria test
Vertical phoria test
Peripheral vision test

Special tests (ARMD, Hyperopia, Astigmatism and Contrast)


Optional carry case Included Included
Optional intermediate lens Included Included
Weight 6.8 kg 6.8 kg 6 kg 6 kg 4.8 kg 4.8 kg
Dimensions (mm) width x length x height 280 x 450 x 490 280 x 450 x 490 280 x 420 x 190 (closed position) 280 x 420 x 190 (closed position) 470 x 430 x 350 (closed position) 470 x 430 x 350 (closed position)