Three step spirometry

The SpiroUSB is a portable PC based spirometer, supplied with PC database application that will automatically measure and interpret lung function performance.

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Features you'll love

  • Equivalent “lung age” assessment
  • Real time colour display of either flow/volume or volume/time curve
  • On screen predicted value and results interpretation
  • Totally portable with supplied carrying case
  • Customised printout format

What's included

  • Mouthpiece
  • Noseclip
  • USB cable to PC
  • Carrying case

Upgrades and Accessoires

  • 3 L syringe

Popular Accessories


  • mlsyringe-3l-calibration-syringe
    3L calibration syringe
    3L calibration syringe
  • disposable-mouthpiece
  • noseclip

User-friendly software

A PC based spirometer that connects directly into the USB port of a PC. Supplied with Spida software, the SpiroUSB provides a very mobile yet comprehensive spirometric facility.

All performed tests are presented with both the selected tests highlighted as well as the % variation from best. This combined with on screen prompts for slow start, low volume and short blow during the test allows a very high level of quality control.


Results interpretation and reporting 

Forty one parameters with actual, predicted and percent predicted values, as well as normal range with the option of interpretation and equivalent lung age can be reported. A full internal database allows complete patient recall on both data and measured loops.

The SpiroUSB is supplied with Spirometry PC database software which has comprehensive data, analysis, trending display and transfer capabilities.

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