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Headphones on, noise off

Silent test environments are a must have for audiometry tests. The industry-leading Audiocups ensure accurate pure tone audiometry in conditions where ambient noise becomes too high for unshielded earphones. Our Audiocups are invaluable when a silent cabin or soundproof room isn’t available.

The Audiocups are the perfect add-on to the standard AC headset. Designed by Amplivox the Audiocups are easily retro-fitted without the need for recalibrating your audiometer.

  • Amplivox Audiocups
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Features you'll love

  • Moulded ABS plastic
  • 375g light
  • Can be used with any standard AC earphones
  • No need to re-calibrate the instrument

The attenuation provided using TDH39 earphone with MX41/AR ear cushions within an audiocup noise reducing headset enclosure is shown below

frequency hZ Attenuation dB Standard deviation dB
125 9 6
250 13 6
500 24 8
1000 30 8
1500 32 7
2000 39 7
3000 44 5
4000 44 8
6000 44 10
8000 35 7

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