Model 270+

The advanced two-channel diagnostic audiometer

Introducing the new 2 channel diagnostic audiometer designed for all hearing professionals.

The comprehensive specification includes time saving automated testing and support such as a masking assistant, special clinical tests and counselling tools.

The stylish design of the Model 270 + features a dedicated soft key layout that sequentially steps through test routines.

With a clear display to show current test progress and light rings indicating test ear and channel use your patient receives your full attention.

All test results can be easily stored, printed and transferred to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems such as ampliSuite and NOAH 4.


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Key Features

  • Two channel audiometry
  • Automatic and Manual Air and bone testing (incl. Masking)
  • Masking Assistant
  • Binaural Speech testing (Live and Recorded)
  • Special tests: ABLB, Stenger, SISI, Tone Decay, HLS and MHA
  • AmpliSuite Software included
  • NOAH 4 interface module included


Standard Equipment

  • Standard audiometric headset
  • Bone conduction headset
  • Patient response switch
  • Power Supply with country adapters
  • Audiogram cards (50x)
  • Carrying case
  • USB Stick (manuals + software)
  • USB Cable
  • ampliSuite PC software (stand-alone)
  • NOAH 4 audiometry module

Optional Equipment

  • Amplivox Audiocups upgrade
  • MP3 Player with wordlists
  • Insert Earphones (IP30) upgrade
  • Monitor headset and microphone
  • Patient microphone
  • Masking headset
  • Thermal printer
  • ampliSuite Pro Database


Popular Accessories

  • b71

    Bone conductor

  • headset

    Microphone and monitor headset

    Microphone and monitor headset
  • insert-phones

    Insert phones

    Insert phones
  • booth-leads

    Booth leads


Masking Assistant

The Model 270+ has been designed to be easy to use for all, especially those new to diagnostic testing.

When to use masking and at what level to use it is not always straightforward. To support your daily work in the best possible way, the Model 270+ comes with the option of using the Amplivox Masking Assistant.

The 270+ Masking Assistant can be used in different ways to support you where and when you need it. The audiometer will inform you when masking might be suggested or when it considers the masking level to be too loud or too soft. If the audio measurement becomes too challenging, the 270+ can be set to automated testing and will apply masking levels automatically, for both Air and Bone testing.



Full test range including speech testing

Easily diagnose your subject’s hearing disorder or challenge with the special tests and speech tests of the Model 270 +.

The most popular special tests included are the SISI (Short Increment Sensitivity Index), Stenger, ABLB (Alternate Binaural Loudness Balance) and Tone Decay.

With Recorded and Live Speech testing, the SRT and SDT scores can easily be defined – for example at the most comfortable levels for faster hearing aid fitting.

Counselling tools such as Hearing Level Simulator (HLS) and Master Hearing Aid (MHA) can be effectively used in conjunction with the other tests to offer an excellent level of patient care.

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