New product releases - June 2020

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by Amplivox


The first Otowave with a charging cradle

The new Amplivox Otowave 102-C is shaped and created to succeed in both middle ear measurement and data management. Weighing just 380g, the Otowave 102-C handset is designed to be a totally portable ‘go anywhere’ instrument which is reliable, accurate and easy to use.

Measurements can be reviewed in real-time while being obtained within seconds, and the user is further guided by an automated pass/ refer result evalution for both tympanometry and reflex tests.

The Otowave offers both settings for screening and advanced reflex tests. Fast reflex screening can be performed at one test level only. Furthermore, reflex threshold test can be configured several test frequencies (500, 1kHz, 2kHz and 4kHz).

The compact size of the 102-C cradle maximises available desk space and provides effortless data transfer.



Two-channel diagnostic audiometer with assistive technology

With the user in mind, the Model 270+ improves the patient consultation experience and reduces test times significantly.

Inspired by the daily workflow, the dedicated soft key layout takes the user sequentially through the test routines. Build-in light rings identify the test ear and channel in use.

Tone and Speech Audiometry incl. freefield testing are complemented by many additional clinical tests including SISI, Stenger, ABLB and Tone Decay.

The most outstanding function in the Model 270+ is it’s intelligent masking assistant to indicate and assist with correct masking levels. Depending on the skill set of the user, measurements requiring masking (both AC and BC) can be assisted or even conducted for the user, if required. 



Tympanometry with easy accessible test profiles

The Otowave 302+ puts the patient into focus by offering a dedicated button for different test profile required.

Building on the success of the existing Otowave range, the Otowave 302+ comes with selectable test settings for Neonate, Children and Adult testing, just a button-press away.

Customizable measurements of 226Hz and 1kHz tympanometry as well as ipsi and contralateral reflex tests (0.5, 1, 2 and 4kHz) can be created and assigned to a dedicated button for fast and easy access.

Test results are automatically evaluated by the Otowave 302+ or can be manually edited, if required. For high frequency tympanometry tests, YBG-curves can easily be reviewed. All data can be printed, stored within the unit or transferred to a PC using the supplied ampliSuite application for paper print and electronic document requirements.

The Otowave 302+ can easily be used in a static clinical setting, where its small size is of great benefit when clinic space is at a premium. Supplied with a custom designed carry case for any potential mobile requirements.

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