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Spirometry courses

Our spirometry courses have been designed to develop theoretical, practical and interpretational skills in order to conduct respiratory testing within an occupational health environment. We offer competency and refresher level training for both new and existing occupational healthcare professionals within all aspects of spirometry. All courses are accredited and provide CPD points.

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    One and a half day occupational spirometry competency course

    A complete and comprehensive spirometry course intended for OH trained individuals who have experience of spirometry measurements and who require competency based assessment to conduct lung function measurements.

    The course focuses on theoretical and practical aspects of spirometry measurements and the interpretation of pulmonary function test results. Includes a written and practical examination based on course content.



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    One-day occupational spirometry refresher course

    Our one day occupational spirometry refresher course is the perfect add-on for occupational health professionals who require refresher training in all aspects of occupational spirometry measurements and interpretation.

    The course is ideal for individuals who have already taken the one and a half day competency course and are looking to keep up-to-date with the latest standards and best practice in occupational lung function testing. 



Independent accreditation

Our occupational spirometry training courses have been independently accredited and are registered to provide delegates with continuing professional development to maintain, develop/increase knowledge and raise professional performance standards for industrial spirometry screening programmes.

Course delegates will receive a certificate on completion of the course and each course offers delegates a number of CPD points under the accredited programme.  The one and a half day course also provides competency based training for delegates who require this level of knowledge and practical skills.

  • In-company training

    If you have a number of delegates who require the same training we can visit your workplace and deliver the course at a time and place to suit you.

    This is an effective way of training several delegates at the same time, saving on time, travel costs and expenses, whilst also ensuring less disruption to day-to-day work activities.

    Our expert tutors will take the time to understand your organisation’s learning needs so that we can provide a training solution that satisfies your business objectives. For more information on in-company training, please contact our customer support team.

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  • Course content

    Our one and a half day competency and one day refresher spirometry courses cover the following:

    • Anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system
    • Introduction to spirometry and practical aspects of infection control
    • Spirometry protocols
    • Hygiene and infection control
    • Equipment verification
    • Calibration requirements and practical session
    • Consistency of measurements
    • Factors that can cause measurement errors
    • Peak flow meters & practical session
    • Pathophysiology
    • Indications and contra indications
    • Interpretation and practical session
    • Written assessment (competency course only).