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Welcome to the Amplivox BEEP product support page. Here you will find several resources and tips to help you set up and get the most of your product. Please note that we have a set of FastLearner videos which will guide you through all the key steps.

Configuration options

Amplivox BEEP is an innovative „Test and send” solution which incorporates the Model One audiometer along with an automated screening software solution. This setup allows for automated air conduction screening in different environments such as school screening or lead generation.  Amplivox BEEP is available in three configurations.


Standard: ModelONE audiometer, Amplisuite BEEP software, Patient Response Switch, USB-A and USB-C connection cables. Suitable for those with their own computers / tablets (Windows 10).
 Go: As standard, but includes a Microsoft Surface Go Tablet and Bluetooth keyboard. Suitable for those wishing to easily set up a screening programme without sourcing a tablet themselves. Ideal for use with a “promoter” who guides the subject in how to perform the test.
 Advanced: As Go, as well as with a full stand and setup support to guide users through the setup of the machine, test routines and branding. Suitable for those with larger requirements or those who prefer additional help and support in customising workflows and settings to their requirements. 

User manuals

To access our Amplivox Beep user manuals please select from the options below:

  • Hardware & software requirements

    Amplivox BEEP works will all standard and professional Windows 10 and 11 operating systems. To connect the audiometer, a USB-A or USB-C socket will be required. All product configurations include both connections.

    Windows 10S: Windows 10 S only allows for software downloaded from the Microsoft Play store and therefore will not facilitate the download of Amplivox BEEP.

    To use Amplivox BEEP with Windows 10S, you can convert to a full version of Windows 10S. For further information, please see here Switching out of S mode in Windows (

  • Software

    Software for Amplivox BEEP is available without any license restrictions on the USB stick provided with the equipment. Please install the Amplisuite BEEP setup installer by following the relevant instructions.

    You will find a Kiosk Editor Application which allows you to fully customise the workflows, test settings and qualification criteria.

    These settings can be saved as App Definitions and be transferred between multiple systems. Please see below for further information.

Amplivox BEEP definitions

To operate the Amplisuite BEEP software, an App Definition is required. Standard configurations are included on the provided USB stick or can be downloaded from here. It is highly recommended to adapt these to your personalised requirements through the Kiosk Editor Application.


Results handling

A key feature of Amplivox BEEP is that results sent out to the customer can be fully customised. This includes a companies branding and call to action. The call to action sent to the customer is based on the selection of the qualification criteria (Pass /Refer). The following results handing options can be selected from:


Custom email message: Where you wish to relay a standard message based on the Pass / Refer criteria, this can be entered in the standard text box.
Full audiometry test results: Full audiometry test results can be sent directly to the patient, along with a custom email message which can be configured as with the Custom Email Message. This setting is not recommended in hearing screening solutions as most hearing healthcare professionals prefer to discuss audiological results and actions directly with patients.
Custom email message with attachment: Fully customisable attachments regarding a subjects hearing health can be sent out which includes appropriate branding. Depending on the Qualification criteria selected, key messages and call to actions can be sent to patients. 

For example, these can be customised in a power point template with each sheet being saved for the relevant Pass / Refer message. Please see the available downloadable PowerPoint Document with key information regarding hearing health that can be customised to the providers requirements. Pass / Refer PDF versions are available for those who do not wish to customise these messages. 

Email accounts

At the end of a hearing test, results are sent out via email to the system provider and test subject. Test results sent to the system provider are secured via a pin which can be configured in the system itself.

Amplivox provide the option to send results directly to test subjects and provider without the need to configure email accounts.. In this instance, only the providers email details need to be entered.

Amplivox BEEP allows for full email integration which includes automatic account verification for Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and AOL. Please note that some of these accounts require dedicated passwords which can be obtained from the providers account settings. For further information, please see page 20 and Appendix A in the manual.

Advanced email integration options including access to SMTP servers are available and can be configured directly in the setup screen.

Step by step guides

Fast Learner videos

Amplivox Beep allows you to fully customise your workflows, branding, call to action, qualification criteria and many other settings. These can be accessed through the main Amplisuite Beep software, or through the Kiosk App Editor software. To support in the setup and customisation of the Amplivox Beep system, please refer to these step-by-step videos that will ensure you get the most of your test and send solution.


Part 1

Amplisuite BEEP & Editor Overview

This video provides an overview of both pieces of software. After watching this video, you will have an understanding of:

  • Differences between the two pieces of software
  • Overview of how they work
  • How settings can be uploaded to the Amplisuite BEEP software

Part 2

How to use the Editor

This video provides an overview of how to use the Amplisuite BEEP software. After watching this video, you will have an understanding of:

  • How to install Amplisuite BEEP
  • Understand and configure initial test settings
  • Audiometer connection
  • How to exit the application

Part 3

Test settings

This video provides an overview of how to configure the main test settings in Amplisuite BEEP. The key focus is on establishing qualification criteria and results handling:

  • Configure test settings
  • Email address configuration
  • Subject test response options

Part 4

Using Amplisuite BEEP

This introductory video will demonstrate how to change your initial settings. 

  • Change language
  • Change the PIN code
  • Select between the three default workflow designs and how to upload a custom design

Part 5

Automatic testing

This video provides an overview of how a standard workflow may operate.

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