Amplivox CA850

CA850 Series 5

Efficient hearing screening

The CA850 Series 5 is an industrial screening audiometer offering manual and automatic test types for efficient hearing screening.

Designed to meet current and future audiometric occupational health screening requirements, the CA850 will automatically measure, record and categorise hearing levels in accordance with a varietry of methods including the HSE categorisation procedures. Test data is shown on the large build-in display, allowing direct review of the obtained audiograms. Test data can be stored internally with the assurance of the internal database being password protected.

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  • Amplivox CA850
Amplivox CA850 Closeup

Features you'll love

  • Frequency range: 500 - 8000Hz
  • Attenuation range: -10 - 100dBHL
  • Manual and automated audiometry, incl. self recording and Békésy test
  • On screen audiogram display
  • HSE results categorisation
  • Archive quality printouts with optional portable printer
  • Internal database with password protection
  • Bi-directional USB stick import/export
  • Integrated talk forward funcion
  • Integral keyboard
  • Interface to OPAS and E-OPASCohort and Cority OH databases



Amplivox CA850 Accessories

What's included

  • Standard audiometric headset
  • Patient response switch
  • USB memory stick
  • Audiogram paper (250x)
  • Power supply with country adapters
  • Carrying case
  • USB stick (manuals)

Upgrades and Accessories

Popular Accessories


  • Amplivox Audiocups


  • Patient Response Switch

    Patient response switch


  • Audiometric Booth Leads

    Booth leads

  • Amplivox

    Audiogram paper pack

Amplivox CA850 Hearing Test

Test your way

Three test methods including the self recording/Békésy type test ensure that the appropriate test type can be used to fulfil an audiometric screening program.

From switch-on, three key presses and a test is performed. The audiogram and related test information are displayed on the large integral LCD for review and to ensure no inconsistencies. Results analysis is automatically performed in accordance with the HSE categorisation procedures and innovative features can identify ‘at risk’ personnel within the internal database.

Amplivox CA850 Buttons

Data security, management and EMR compatibility

Utilising USB technology, the CA850 Series 5 offers comprehensive results options. Archive quality prints, a password protected internal database (up to 2000 complete records) and a bi-directional PC link facilitate all requirements. The instrument can also be supplied with Amplivox Audibase PC software for statistical analysis requirements.

The Amplivox CA850 Series 5 is compatible with all  leading  occupational health databases to provide electronic data storage and statistical analysis benefits. The audiometer can interface to OPAS and E-OPAS, Cohort and Cority (previously known as Medgate) OH databases.

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