Amplivox ER-75


Validate your audiometer

Our highly recommended ER75 Electro-Acoustic ear simulator is the perfect partner to objectively validate your audiometric equipment.

When conducting audiometry it is essential to ensure the accuracy of your instrument. Completely automatic, the ER75 will validate your Amplivox audiometer and respond in a consistent manner to produce repeatable thresholds over the frequency range of 0.25kHz to 8kHz. Daily checks can be easily conducted before the day begins, as the entire validation is completed in under 5 minutes and you can be assured that your equipment is operating at optimum performance.

The ER75 is the ideal for use within an occupational health accreditation scheme.

  • Amplivox ER-75
  • Amplivox ER-75 Front
  • Amplivox ER-75
Amplivox ER-75 Closeup

Key Features

  • Automatic validation in under 5 minutes
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Repeatable thresholds over 250Hz to 8000Hz range
  • Battery powered for mobile use
Amplivox ER-75 with Batteries and Cable

What's included

  • Instrument connection lead
  • 2 x AA batteries
Amplivox ER-75

Fast and accurate in any occasion

The ER75 is battery powered, lightweight and compact, making it suitable for both desktop and mobile use.Instrument validation in under 5 minutes means you start your testing day efficiently and reliably. Any variations with previously recorded levels are identified, so you can act immediately, ensuring optimum performance of your instrument.

The ER75 is battery powered, lightweight and compact, and weighs just 500g, making it suitable for both desktop and mobile use.

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