USB portable
power bank

Powering your workflow

The perfect companion for hearing health professionals who either travel between clinics or throughout the world. 

With its slimline design and an efficient charging speed the USB portable power bank can be used as both a power bank and charger for audiology equipment and is suitable for most devices powered by USB.

Compact and lightweight, this essential accessory is designed to enable un-interrupted audiometry, keeping work schedules on track and continuous patient testing.

Please note: Powered by 4 AA batteries.


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The user in focus

Traveling audiologists will know the struggle of instruments running out of power and the challenge of accessing an alternative power supply.

Being with limited power supply cannot only bring the work of a travelling audiologist to a stand-still but also make the entire journey and intention of the testing redundant. Our portable power bank is powered by 4 AA batteries. Fully charged, this power bank will power your equipment for 2 hrs.


Key features

•  Lightweight and slim design
•  2Ah capacity
•  Voltage: 1.5
•  Weight: 44g (136 g incl. Alkaline AA cells)
•  Cable: USB to DC, 1500mm
•  Dimensions: 66mm (w) x 86mm (l) x 16mm (h)
•  Supports most devices which charge via USB.


The USB portable power bank is compatible with the following Amplivox models:

Screening audiometers
Model 116, Model 170 and PC850

Diagnostic audiometers
Model 240, Model 260,
Model 270 and Model 270+

Otowave 102-C, Otowave 202,
Otowave 302 and Otowave 302+