Consumables for
daily health care

Disposable hygiene solutions and
accessories to support your workflow

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Consumables to support you
and your patients

During these unprecedented times, it is vital to make sure you have the appropriate consumables to support your daily work routine. We offer a range of disposable hygiene solutions to make sure you can work hygienically and take care of your patient’s health during coronavirus (COVID-19).

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  • Audiometry consumables

    Our range includes ear cushion covers and cleaning solutions help to take care of your audiometers and tympanometers, headbands, patient response switches, and acoustic booths.

  • Spirometry consumables

    Making sure an individual’s respiratory health is never compromised during your assessment, we offer a range of disposables items to support testing, including spirometry mouthpieces and single use bacterial viral filters.

  • Vision consumables

    Headrest tissues help to minimise the spread of infections and help to protect your equipment as well as your patient. They are especially designed for the Optec 5000P and 5500P.

  • General consumables

    We offer a wide range of general consumables to support your audiology, spirometry and vision testing services.

  • Blood pressure measurements

    If you are planning to restart health screening programmes, we can provide monitors and disposable blood pressure cuffs.

  • Printer paper supplies

    Make sure you never run out of printer supplies. We want to keep you working efficiently to support you and your patient.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
business support

With the emergence of coronavirus (COVID-19) it’s important for employers to take reasonable steps to protect their workers and others from harm. It’s therefore critical to keep your workplace clean and sanitary to help reduce the potential for coronavirus to spread and help keep your business ‘coronavirus-free’. To support businesses in maintaining a ‘coronavirus-free’ environment we have created two free information guides available to download here:

Disinfectant guide Hygiene health screening