Supporting healthcare and occupational health professionals during COVID-19





Amplivox would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, from all corners of the globe, for your continued support during this uncertain time.  

The Amplivox team have continued to work under the Government guidelines in order to provide customers with products, courses, calibrations and repairs. Many of the Amplivox employees continue to work from home and only those needed will work from offices.

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Amplivox would like to offer support to healthcare industries and occupational health specialists when taking the reasonable steps to working in a safe, clean environment during the Coronavirus pandemic. Please click on the button below to download our interactive order form.

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Free Guides

Amplivox have two free guides available to download to help you gain the knowledge, assess the risks and prepare you to work safely and welcome patients. 

Amplivox - Hygiene for Health Screening Guide

Amplivox - Disinfectant Guide 

If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 and Amplivox products, please email or call +44 (0)1865 880 846. Amplivox are open 8:30am-4:00pm Monday to Friday.

Additional advice from external sources

A PDF guide from the UK’s audiology professional bodies:

Audiology and Otology Guidance during COVID 19


Respiratory Function Testing During Endemic COVID-19:

Information regarding respiratory function testing during COVID-19:

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Guidance for the resumption and continuation of urgent and elective outpatient respiratory services:

Follow this link to the British Thoracic Society for a number of detailed guides on resuming outpatient services in light of COVID-19:

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UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE):

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For the most up to date HSE information and advice for England, Scotland and Northen Ireland:

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