VT1 Master


A PC based vision tester which can minimise test times with fully customisable test routines and automated data management.

  • PC operated
  • Customisable patient instructions
  • Time-saving test routines
  • Horizontal and vertical peripheral field tests
  • EMR connectivity

Occupation Specific Testing

The VT1 Master test routines can be adapted to include only the visual parameters required. Full customisation options such as patient routines, test symbol options or available parameters allow for a truly personalised screening routine.

Available parameters include visual acuity (near, far and intermediate), depth perceptions, fusion, colour perception, amsler, night vision and many more.

Automated Data Management

To minimise administration times and duties, test results are automatically saved and managed within the supplied Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software. All data can easily be exported and the software can interface directly with a number of other OH EMR systems.


Compact and portable, the VT1 Master is supplied with a custom designed carry case so it is suitable for testing anywhere.


Download or view the information and specification PDF

Availability will depend on market registrations. Please contact us for further information.