Titmus V2


A portable vision tester that can measure visual acuity (near, far and intermediate), depth perception, colour vision, phoria and peripheral vision.

  • Compact and portable
  • Ergonomic
  • True colour testing
  • Comprehensive range of test parameters
  • No calibration required
  • Ideal for industrial and DSE screening needs
  • Cost effective vision tester


Designed for accurate and reliable vision screening, the Titmus V2 portable vision tester provides a comprehensive range of tests and features that can minimise consultation times, improve workflows and improve record keeping.


Visual acuity (near, far and optional intermediate), depth perception, colour perception, phoria, and peripheral tests can all be completed in a very efficient and accurate manner.


A standardised light source provides true colour testing environment, an adjustable viewing function and a soft easy to clean head sensor provide a controlled and accurate test environment for serial acuity measurements.

Maintenance free and with no calibration required, the Titmus V2 provides a very cost effective solution for occupational vision screening requirements.

Control panel

The Titmus V2 controls are built into the side of the instrument with the control panel identifying all the test parameter controls and positions. .


Download or view theĀ information and specification PDF.

Availability will depend on market registrations. Please contact us for further information.