A very portable hand held automatic spirometer that can be used with or without the supplied PC spirometry database application. Spirodoc will automatically measure and interpret lung function performance.


Spirodoc creates a new standards for the use of portable spirometry equipment within health screening. The Spirodoc is designed to be used for both mobile and static spirometry testing.


Incorporating an advanced user interface and touch screen technology, the Spirodoc has been developed with great attention to detail to minimise both test times and to enable a wide range of user requirements to be satisfied.


A complete range of spirometric parameters can be precisely measured, automatically interpreted and all associated quality control indicators displayed for review.

Automatic BTPS conversion together with an internal memory capacity of up to 10,000 and a wide range of prediction values make for fast accurate standardised results that are automatically recorded for future review.


Weighing just 130g, the Spirodoc fulfils all current and future occupational health screening requirements for modern portable spirometry equipment.

WinspiroPRO software

  • High performance spirometry PC software supplied as standard
  • All tests are memorised in Spirodoc are automatically downloaded into WinspiroPRO and a patient data card is created with a preview of the spirometry curve
  • The spirometry incentive routine, which has been patented, allows the user to select the patient’s favourite image in order to get his maximum compliance
  • WinspiroPRO can easily be connected to a database or to an EPR, hospital or occupational health system for data transfer
  • This software also gives trend graphs of any parameter so is ideal for pro-active statistical analysis
  • For any patient, all tests and curves in memory can be reviewed on a single page and the results, including oximetry tests, can be compared


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Availability will depend on market registrations. Please contact us for further information.