Product comparison:
Amplivox supplied vision testers

Optec 5000POptec 5500PV4V2
Compare user features and benefits
Suitable for industrial vision screeningyesyesyesyes
Dual lens system for accurate testing bifocal patientsyesyes
6/4.5 to 6/20 acuity rangeyesyesyesyes
Meets recent DVLA 6/7.5 requirementsyesyesyesyes
Remote control panelyesyes
Maintenance free lighting systemyesyesyesyes
No calibration requirementsyesyesyesyes
Far visual acuityyesyesyesyes
Near visual acuityyesyesyesyes
Intermediate visual acuityyesyesyesyes
Depth perception testyesyesyesyes
Colour vision testyesyesyesyes
Lateral phoria testyesyes
Vertical phoria testyesyes
Peripheral vision testyesyesyesyes
Optional carry caseyesyesyesyes
Optional intermediate lensyesyesyesyes
Weight (Kg)6.86.866
Dimensions (mm)280 x 450 x 490 high280 x 450 x 490 high280 x 420 x190 high (closed position)280 x 420 x190 high (closed position)