New software package – ampliSuite

Amplivox is proud to announce the release of a complete new software package – ampliSuite. The new tympanometry module contains large graphs allowing a detailed review of the tympanograms. Normative areas to identify a normal tymp shape can be customized, to allow the Jerger Classification to take place. Within the tympanometry module, a small preview of the acoustic reflex traces is available, allowing the user to oversee all test results at once. Detailed graphs of the acoustic reflex traces (ipsilateral and contralateral) are given for each frequency in the reflex module.

The suite is designed to follow the principle “what you see is what you get”, so that the user can clearly identify each of the functions available represented by a button in the suite.
The tympanometry module can be used all Amplivox immittance-meters (Otowave 102, 202 and 302) and can be operated also via touch.

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