ML3500 Mk8 (microlab)


A portable spirometer with integral printer and large colour graphics display that will automatically measure and interpret lung function performance.

  • Equivalent “lung age” assessment
  • Real time colour display of either flow/volume or volume/time curve
  • On screen predicted value and results interpretation
  • Totally portable with supplied carrying case
  • Customised printout format
  • Lightweight portable spirometer with icon based colour touch screen
  • Integral high resolution printer and internal database (2000 tests)
  • PC interface and optional software



The ultimate portable spirometer, this spirometer has been specifically developed for the occupational health/primary health care professional. Employing a high resolution colour touch screen with icon based functions and an integral printer the new ML3500 is a very intuitive spirometer to use.

Quality Control

All performed tests are presented with both the selected tests highlighted as well as the % variation from best. This combined with on screen prompts for slow start, low volume and short blow during the test allows a very high level of quality control.


Forty one parameters with actual, predicted and percent predicted values, as well as normal range with the option of interpretation and equivalent lung age can be reported. A full internal database allows complete patient recall on both data and measured loops.


ML3500 test results may be shown on the colour screen, saved in memory, printed on an internal printer, and/or exported to the optional ‘Spirometry PC database software which has comprehensive data, analysis, trending display and transfer capabilities.


Download or view the information and specification PDF

Availability will depend on market registrations. Please contact us for further information.