HP200 portable printer

HP200 black ink cartridge

HP200 colour ink cartridge

Otowave – T20 assortment box of eartips 30 pcs, 10 sizes


Otowave eartip – Red 5mm


Otowave eartip – Blue 6mm

Sanibel printer rolls

Sanibel printer

Titmus case

Titmus carry case

Titmus 26" lens

Titmus 26″ lens

Titmus intermediate lens set

Titmus intermediate lens set

Spirometry PC software for ML3500 and ML3535 spirometers

3L calibration syringe

Optec 5000P/5500P intermediate lens ( 1 x 26″ lens)

Optec 5000P/5500P intermediate lens

Optec 5000P/5500P vision tester carry case