ampliSuite Tympanometry


The ampliSuite Tympanometry module gives you easy access to the measurements taken from any otowave for detailed review. The suite gives you the all-round option to manually evaluate tympanometrical test results, analyse acoustic reflex traces and extensive data processing in terms of printing and reporting.

  • No hidden functions, intuative and clearly structured
  • Touch compatible
  • Large graphs for detailed review
  • Pass and Refer Evaluation for each test result
  • Jerger Classification Option (Tymp)
  • Customisable Normative Box (Tymp)
  • Review of each reflex graph individually
  • Reflex Growth Graph (Acoustic Reflex)


The ampliSuite software program facilitates the electronic transfer and display of tympanometry test records on a PC.

Ease of use

The suite is designed to follow the principle “what you see is what you get”, so that the user can clearly identify each of the functions available represented by a button in the suite.

The modules in ampliSuite are designed to follow the workflow of the user in terms of adding patient information to then continue reviewing results, analysing data to then finally process test results.

Tympanometry module

The tympanometry module contains large graphs allowing a detailed review of the tympanograms. Normative areas to identify a normal tymp shape can be customized, to allow the Jerger Classification to take place. Within the tympanometry module, a small previous of the acoustic reflex traces is available, allowing the user to oversee all test results at once.

Acoustic reflex module

Detailed graphs of the acoustic reflex traces (ipsi and contralateral) are given for each frequency in the reflex module. Each graph can be selected individually for extensive review. Each graph is in addition analysed by the system, giving pass and refer suggestions to save time.


  • Otowave 102
  • Otowave 202
  • Otowave 302


Download or view the ampliSuite User Guide